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Fuel Depot (Automated)


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Aside from the fuel they salvage from abandoned ships in the desert, the Dune Dwellers of Haven also harvest resources and produce their own fuel they sell at higher prices to desperate pilots lost in the harsh environment.

Their engineering ingenuity has led to some opportunistic capitalism.

Build features (2) Basic Mining Units, (2) Refiners, (2) Recyclers, and Chemical M, and other than stocking schematics is fully automated to produce either Nitron or Kergon based on what resources and schematics you provide it.

- Platform for dispenser's to sell your fuel
- Large blank space on the back to mount a screen to advertise to those who pass your depot.
- 2 weeks of raw ore storage, based on the 2 large Mining Unit Designs.
- 8,000L of Fuel Storage.

- Can produce over 12,000 Liters of nitron per day based on zero skill player with calibrated units pulling both required resources @ 100l per hour.

- Can be configured to produce either nitron or kergon, with right tile resources available.

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Created 1 year ago
Updated 1 year ago

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1 year ago


1k of each, isn't the exact calc, but will keep things running smoothly.

1 year ago | Edited 1 year ago


How much should i set the recycler to maintain hydro/oxy for atmo fuel?

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