Creator (Ivory Island Resort)

Artisan Workshop (Automated)


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Produces: Nitron, Basic Containers M & L
Features supply line screens to tell you what each industry needs which item with each machine, screens can be removed later.

Built to produce containers and atmospheric fuel from ground to finished product, the artisan workshop avoids the eye sore typical of most factories, whilst also allowing you to produce plenty of storage for all the things you had shipped from earth.

I mean does anyone really care that a couple thousand potential colonist had were left to die for your legacy earth speeder collection to be loaded onto the Arkship. Let's be real people reproduce all the time, but that collection is the only one to be in such pristine condition.

Best of all the price of this factory will keep undesirables like your neighbors from the next tile over from getting their grubby hands on one, and act like they ever could keep up with you.

Created 1 year ago
Updated 1 year ago

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Creator (Ivory Island Resort)
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