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Officially taking over DamageReport
A multi-screen capable, touch enabled, easy to install ship damage reporting script for Dual Universe. Includes a HUD mode to be mobile while repairing. Highlights damaged/broken elements in 3D space for easier finding.

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--- Buy Locations ---
Locura Shipyard @ ( ::pos{0,2,29.8110,107.2521,5.2659} )
Exchange @ Yellow Hall Booth 6 ( ::pos{0,0,-19010.3356,113355.2043,-74225.1859} )

--- VR Locations --
View Units: Locura Shipyard

-- Other VR Locations --
Locura Exchange Store

Created 11 months ago
Updated 3 months ago

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7 months ago


@DrakoZay Its hard to say at this point. My main focus right now is getting it converted to LUA.

7 months ago


How long until cargo and map is added from the roadmap?

8 months ago | Edited 8 months ago


A plan yes... Umm... actually taking the time to do it... That's another issue. Until issues actually pop up from using HTML its hard to get motivated on it. But for now the HTML works fine.

9 months ago

Dark Forges

Hey Credence, is there a plan for this script to move away from HTML in the script?

10 months ago


Customer issue fixed:

10 months ago


Its hard to reply to comments on DUC as we dont get notifications from the site.

"please note, If I switch from html display to Lua display I get "render script error" message on screen"

This is not what switching to HTML means... There is a page in the wiki about how to use HTML in game. You will need to follow the install direction in the wiki on github.

The warnings wont stop the script from running its just changes they made in last update of game.

10 months ago | Edited 10 months ago


Doesn't work for me ( Damage Report v3.35)
2 warnings pop up in the Lua window
Warning: method clear() is depreciated
Warning: method setSVG(svg) is depreciated

Then it shuts down (nothing on screen)

please note, If I switch from html display to Lua display I get <render script error> message on screen

10 months ago


Confirm script is working after v1.1.0 game update.

10 months ago | Edited 10 months ago


Works just fine. I need more details than that. But yes, it is still working. Unlike beta you will need to turn HTML on. It's loading, you just can't see it. You can see how active development is on the GitHub. I looked, and not a single report has been made by anyone needed help. Not sure why you would just post here it doesn't work without thinking for a moment you may have messed something up. Come on guys....

To everyone else the script is still working.

10 months ago


Same here does not work now in release 11/22/22

10 months ago


Doesn't load for me. Used it in beta, was hoping.

Exchange-Yellow Hall-Lot 6 And At ::pos{0,2,63.8195,47.9287,42.7144}
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