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Cronnus' Large Factory Shell


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Looking for a good start to your gigafactory? This L Static Core balances detail with function - Three floors stretch across the majority of the core giving you the space needed to expand over time. Save yourself the trouble of moving your factory from one core to the next and get started with Cronnus' Large Factory Shell. Example Layout:

Floor 1 - Refineries/Smelters/Storage
Floor 2 - Intermediary Parts
Floor 3 - Assembly Lines

Or make this a hybrid and use the first floor as a showroom for a couple ships or dispensers for your products!

How to find:
- VR - Search for "DSI Dark Forge HQ" (do NOT buy a BP in VR!!)
- ::pos{0,2,21.9994,107.1816,6.5935} - Dispenser is here Near Alioth DM7
- Alioth Exchange Market (pending submission - stay tuned!).

Cronus#2214 or Firestorm#4004 on Discord if you have any questions!

Created 11 months ago
Updated 8 months ago

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3 months ago


Once ya get those exterior walls fixed Ill probably buy a couple.

10 months ago

Dark Forge

The building is now deployed at the base - Come check it out!

10 months ago | Edited 10 months ago

Dark Forge

The building hasn't been deployed yet at the base - BP's are for sale at the dispenser!

11 months ago


Went to wp and didnt see any building.

DSI Dark Forge
Firestorm#4004 / Cronus#2214
Firestorm or Cronnus
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