Deep Space Corporation

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Great ships, great prices!!

Deep Space Corporation offers a well thought out fleet of mining, hauling, freighting and shuttle vehicles, from snappy planetary runs to full load production servicing we have something for you, and if we don't we can build it.

Send us a direct message with your order or request, alternatively feel free to visit our Alioth base and check out our current ongoing projects and see what we have to offer.



The Twister

Deep Space Corporation


Cargo Lift: 10,000 t

Rescue One & Deep Space Corp - Presents "The Twister" The Ultimate M Core Hauler !! With 32x Boosted Large Containers, has a carry capacity of nearly 6000 KL. 3x10 Large Containers for moving what ever is required 1x2 Large Container for storing the Fuel / Warp Cells / Scraps Lifts off from 0 to 1000m on Alioth with 11 KT of total weight. AGG S will assist you in loading more once parked at above 1000M if you need to load up more. The 24x L Military Grade Atmospheric Engine along with 130x Large Atmospheric Brake ensures that you do not stumble when lifting off from any planet. Warp Drive Enables you to haul what ever you have mined or commissioned to the edge of the galaxy. No fancy interiors or bedrooms, as this ship is made for pure hauling and hardcore miners. But has enough space on the inside to decorate it how you want if required. Pure industrial finish & ultra low Dry Weight **Does Not Come With Full Tank Of Fuel** VR & Check it out at: DECO

Token: 70 Mħ
BP: 20 Mħ

The Juggernaut

Deep Space Corporation


Cargo Lift: 12,000 t

Bring your Operation to the next Level. The Juggernaut is the biggest Vessel we developed so far. It is packed with all you need for a long Trip or a mobile Base. • 120 L Container • AGG • Warp Drive • Radar • 74 Advanced Military L (102 for the MAX Version) • 240 Atmo Breaks This massive Carrier is made of Steel so it can take a little hit, if needed. The most Engines are in VTOL to push you straight to AGG height. If you need more Thrust you can order the MAX version with an addition of 28 Advanced Military Engines. Like all our Ships we are focus only on function, there are no fancy interior items, and we try to build future proof ships without stacks or stuff that may mess you up with future patch. You plan a long journey, go with The Juggernaut. BP: 100M Token:360M Token MAX Version:400M

Token: 360 Mħ
BP: 100 Mħ

Triton Class

Deep Space Corporation


Cargo Lift: 2,200 t

Triton Class Mini S Core Hauler - 3x L Containers / Warp Capable of lifting 2.2 KT off Alioth Military Grade Atmospheric Engines & Maneuver Space Nimble as bee & No imaginary stats !!

Token: 18 Mħ
BP: 10 Mħ

Neptune Class - Shuttle

Deep Space Corporation


Space Thrust: 5.44 MN

The Neptune Class personal shuttle and supply runner is a sleek looking operational ship engineered to perfection. Designed to be agile and capable it carries an M container and with warp allows for fast deployment anywhere. Combined with a sleek outer aesthetic the power behind the Neptune Class really shows. Featuring two large boosted military atmospheric engines and a large manoeuvre space engine you can be at your destination in minutes. The interchangeable shell allows for a degree of customisation on purchase. If something more personal is required the Deep Space Corporation shipyards can produce something to your specification. Check it out on VR Today > DECO

Token: 8 Mħ
BP: 4 Mħ

The Wedge

Deep Space Corporation


Cargo Lift: 6,000 t

Introducing - The Wedge. M Core Hauler for upto 6 KT on Alitoth Atmos Lift-Off [ No fancy boasts, it can be higher if you are maxed on skills ] 12x L Container - 10x for Cargo & 2x for misc items. Optional AGG if you want to load up more cargo 18x Military Atmospheric L Engines along with massive brakes enables you to float down to the ground even with 7 KT of cargo. Open Deck to stack container pods [ AGG Recommended ] Can dock 2x XS [OR] 1x S core ship on the open deck AGG Version at 50mn Check it on VR: DECO

Token: 43 Mħ
BP: 15 Mħ