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Hello Noveans!

With the new Demeter patch and the introduction of automining to DU, I have seen hundreds of questions flow through the general chat and the discord on what to do and how to do it. Well look no further, from the creator of the Pop-UP Shop you all know and love, comes the new Starter Autominer Static.

This small static core contains everything you need to set up your auto-mining life, including VR Station, Surrogate Pod, L-container storage, 4 basic mining units and is fully upgradable and expandable to your needs. This simple yet stunning design has been hand crafted for the new player experience. Info buttons on the main hub explain how to set up the auto miners, what you are looking for when calibrating and all the details you need to start collecting with minimal effort.

Additionally the info buttons explain how to upgrade to Uncommon, Advanced, Rare and Exotic mining units, and how to properly link and set up your stations.

Why go anywhere else when this blueprint is cheap, and easily affordable to anyone within the first week of playing. For those with experience at DU this will save time and effort with setting up your own mining facilities.

No complex LUA, no crazy set up. Simply place, Calibrate and Listen. Dek is back with a brand new addition. The Starter Autominer is a must have for any player. Get yours today and start collecting ore passively from your tiles.

BP Price is currently set for this week at the low cost of 1 million quanta.

You can purchase yours at the Dekkar Designs Showroom.


Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you stop by. Plenty of parking space available.

Limited tokens available, however always restocking. If unable to purchase please contact Dekkar Designs.

Tokens are FULLY BOOSTED with T5 Handling.

Why pay more, for less?


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2 months ago


Storage is 192KL. 1 fully boosted L container.

2 months ago


How much storage capacity does this 1 has?

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