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Dominus is an L core space freighter designed for station-to-station heavy cargo hauling with 120 L containers of dedicated cargo, maneuver XL space engines, 3-axis thrust.

Features forward utility section (weapons, small-craft landing pad, RP mining drill), two lateral airlocks for docking M cores, four engineering sections, medical bay, and command deck. Other features are scheduled to be added in upcoming updates.

Orbital HUD
Damage Report

10/19/2021 - price increase
C2 - 9/10/2021 - Updated pricing; removed AGG; removed atmo elements; added shield G L; added 24 more advanced L mil space engines in booster config; moved rockets into booster config. Expected completion: 11/30/21
C1 - 7/17/2021 - Updated pricing; hull improvements.

Feature roadmap: https://trello.com/b/VDitsBmQ/dominus


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2 months ago


remodeling in progress

6 months ago


Picked one up today. This ship is outstanding. I am still exploring the ship and finding things inside it. There is no spot to be found with slack job work. Highly recommend if your looking for a large scale org hauler.

7 months ago | Edited 7 months ago


Picked mine up today. What a ship! Looks amazing and built by a creator that appreciates that these things will be used - so has a low element count. Everyone that sees it in person loves it and comments on it. Purchase of it gets you access to Ristlins discord for full support, he is amazingly responsive to all those pre-purchase questions and the after-purchase ones as well - strongly recommend the AGG version, at the price, it is a steal, I would have paid double.

9 months ago


Hands down, if you are looking for a heavy hauler for your business, pick this. I took a 60kt load from Sinnen to Alioth in comfort, style, little fear, and pure Dominus. Did she stop? Oh heck yea she did, faster than I thought even! Do you want to haul your base, your friends base, and the neighboring 80 tiles? This is your girl!

Dream Designs by Ristlin
Dream Designs Ship Shop


Dry Weight:

5,100 t

Cargo Space:

21,000 kL


Space Thrust:

446 MN

Space Brake:

460 MN

Space Hover:

120 MN

  • Core
    • L

  • Env
    • Space

  • Sold As
    • Token

  • Role
    • Hauler

  • Features
    • AntiGrav
    • Interior
    • Radar
    • Warp
    • Rockets