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So clearly inspired by Halo , my simple version of a Forerunner beacon

It contains 2 L containers, 1 hub, Resurrection node , Vr station, and VR node ( no mining units )

Will fit at least 5 mining units neatly
Also if needed you can fit a few more L containers and keep them hidden if needed

Do note when placing it that you can place the bottom part of the static core inside of the ground , max 2 shift clicks if my memory serves me correctly , if you still see some of the wire-frame in the bottom when placing i would change the location slightly , or do some terrain adjustment after placement

also no premade holes, i personally would just remove them after you decided where to place the mining units, in regards to that, if you place the mining unit in even coordinates, you should be able to remove a nice 3x3 hole on the floor that is centered on the mining unit

There is a dispenser at my main factory on thades, you can access the rough location via the "forerunner showroom" VR to get flying coordinates, the actual dispenser sits between the big tower, and landing platform 5th image shows the dispenser

Regards Pesusieni


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2 months ago


Very nice looking and easy to place and link to surro-universe :) Also easy to spot in distance. bought 30 BPs just in case and for future use, however the mats dispenser is empty, I only could buy one pack (for 10 mining units).

6 months ago


This is a pretty cool looking construct. Certainly more interesting than a slab with a couple of mining units stuck on. :) Thanks for posting the materials too. Great idea and very useful!

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