Fox Syndicate Scripts

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Syndicate: A group of individuals or organisations combined to promote a common interest.

As a scripter, I initially had never planned on "free scripts", thinking, "why should I give my script away for free?"
That all changed after pirates shook the Lua community.
I realised then, "why hold something back when it could help others?"

Henceforth, I vowed to make the majority of the scripts I produce to be open source unless specifically commissioned not to be.



Fox Syndicate Scripts


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Essentially, this script provides an AR overlay to your world to view waypoints you have set with Archaegeo's script, in addition to the planets around you. Like all AR scripts made with the AR projection library, there are specific conditions under which this script functions correctly. If you are on a planet, assuming you aren't in a cockpit in another ship, the script should function flawlessly. It will only work in a seat on the construct the programming board was deployed in, and only if you correctly calibrate said seat, assuming you have "freelook" enabled. What freelook enables is a way to track where your camera is looking purely based on your mouse movement. Of course, this comes with one major downside: it won't work in the third person. Nor will it work if you don't calibrate your pitch and heading. Calibration takes place in the form of looking either up or down, pushing your mouse past the limit you can look and then looking either left or right. The accuracy is around 1 degree when looking straight on if the calibration was done properly. (Inaccuracy is purely a result of the mouse capture not being absolutely perfect) In space, as long as you are on the ship the programming board was activated on, it should function for both in a seat, walking around and jetpacking. Note that for walking around, you need to calibrate your pitch. There are a couple more settings to change around if you want to. However, that is about all you need to know. To use the script, copy the JSON file contents found in the link below and select something like "paste Lua script" using a programming board. Connect the programming board to the core, and activate! If you have some saved waypoints using Archaegeo's script, connect the databank to it, and it should load his script's waypoints as well. Link: Disclaimer: I coded this, however, Archaegeo provided the idea, hence when starting the script he is credited and used to host the script.

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