Luna Proto Hybrid


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**Latest News** Ask Gearss ingame for a chance to get one for free

The Luna Proto Hybrid is everything you need to get started in Asteroid mining in a big way. Its got 2 Container L, 3 Basic Atmo Engine L, 4 Uncommon Military Engine L, and a Warp Drive. Time is money, and this ship Its capable of getting you to and from the Roids fast. Dual containers allow you and a buddy to have your own storage if you want.

The ship is also a great all around hauler able to get over 1kt into space. With an extra Container M on the front you can run missions.

Some stats are: Atmo Thrust: 3.26 g, Atmo Brake 35.3 g, Atmo Max Speed 1,098 kmph, Space Thrust: 7.84 g Space Brake 8.46 g, Space Max Speed: 38,157 kmph. Can haul 1500 Tons in atmo.

Instructions for success:
This ship does not have a DSAT so the way to use it is to look at a DSAT that is ground based and find the broadcast Roids that are already known. Select a few roids and mark down their Planet area and location. In the Safe Zone look for Uncommon asteroids and in the PVP zone look for asteroids that are over 200 SU away. In the safe zone you want roids that have not been broadcast very long so 1-3 days old, but in the PVP zone you want roids that are 3-9 days old. The reason for this is that more recent roids in the PVP zone have more action. Ideally you'll find a roid 3-9 days old that hasn't been touched and will be safe to mine without worry of Legion. The truth is, there are just too many roids for Legion to patrol and the further away from Alioth you are the harder it is for them to patrol. You may want to avoid Teoma as they have bases there and may patrol that region more often. Avoid any roids just over the PVP zone as this is where everyone gets killed. Legion targets it because its where alot of people go. Follow this advise and I'm sure you'll find success. You should make upwards of 5m/hr, so paying off the cost of the ship is easy resulting in a very good risk reward for PVP roiding.
If you want to hunt and discover Roids, put a DSAT in the inventory and stick it on when needed.

I'll offer a guarantee that if you have not paid off the cost of the ship with Roid earnings and you get killed following these instructions I will give you a free Blueprint and send you funds for new ship costs. Thats how confident I am that you will make money with this ship and strategy. Just pm Gears on discord. Financing Options Available.

Lastly, all the stats provided are unbuffed. I will buff the ship for free, just ask me in game.

Dispenser Location: ::pos{0,2,53.8825,90.0609,40.0853}
Ship Display Model: ::pos{0,2,53.9520,90.1616,41.6040}
VR: LPHybrid

**SHIP COST BREAKDOWN** As of 10/4/23
Per Craft Luna Proto Hybrid Part Price Ship Price
1 1 Dynamic Core Unit S 40,000 40,000
2 10 Adjustor L 10,000 100,000
3 12 Atmo Airbrake L 8,500 102,000
4 1 Atmo Fuel Tank M 14,500 14,500
5 3 Basic Atmo Engine L 57,000 171,000
6 2 Basic Container L 70,000 140,000
7 4 Basic Vertical Booster L 10,000 40,000
8 1 Command Seat Controller S 60,000 60,000
9 1 Container Hub XS 20,000 20,000
10 1 Databank XS 1,000 1,000
11 1 Force Field S 25,000 25,000
12 4 Retro-rocket Brake L 17,000 68,000
13 2 Space Fuel Tank M 25,000 50,000
14 1 Space Radar S 10,000 10,000
15 1 Surrogate Pod Station S 50,000 50,000
16 1 Surrogate VR Station M 10,000 10,000
17 1 Telemeter XS 37,000 37,000
18 4 Uncommon Military Space Engine L 180,000 720,000
19 1 Warp Drive L 770,000 770,000
20 27 Wing M 16,000 432,000
21 4 Wooden Chair S 10,000 40,000
22 6 Brown pattern wood 3
Total Cost 2,870,500

**UPDATE 11/14/23** The Luna Proto Hybrid has been upgraded with more wings. Pictures updated.

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Updated 1 month ago

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1 month ago


He is really giving it away for free to noobs!
Big Thanks

1 month ago


The best starter ship, absolutely!!



Dry Weight:

346 t

Cargo Space:

384 kL

  • Core
    • S

  • Env
    • Atmosphere
    • Space

  • Sold As
    • Blueprint

  • Role
    • Hauler
    • Courier
    • Carrier

  • Features
    • Warp