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The K1200 is an all rounder cargo transport with warp.
video demo of the ship at high weight with my skills flying to space and back

3.2 kilotons cargo(4.31 kilotons total weight) lift from Alioth with my skills 2-4 in most flight skills 0 in a couple.
9g of braking at max weight for fast stopping and easy landing.
level 5 container boosts
4 L containers inside room for more on top for when you need volume over weight.
level 5 when placed boost on all engines
level 5 boosts on adjusters, verts, brakes, wings


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3 months ago


Bought a K1200 from Gerok today, ship has almost too much power for a poor noob to handle! Thanks a ton!

3 months ago


Excellent ship! Nicely crafted design and a great hauler. The S-core allows you to be a little safer as you travel to outer planets. Really cant ask for much more. I did alter and upgrade some interior portions though it is a hauler and it hauls smoothly for sure. Gerok makes these in various sizes and I plan to pick up a 480 soon!

4 months ago


This is one of the best small core haulers in the game. Not only does it look great but it can haul heavy loads for a small core. It also can have up to an additional 12 large containers placed on top of it for a total of 16. I have personally filled all 16 with Bauxite and then transported it all safely between .5 planets.

This is the best small core hauler that I have in my fleet and can highly recommend it.

4 months ago


A Truly amazing ship, make you forget it is even a hauler, easy to fly. And is not afair over the over weighter lover like myself who packs every ship till it busts at the seems. But not this baby, need more throw it ont he room, yes sir may I have another..

4 months ago


Nothing but the good news with this ship. Best buy yet!

4 months ago


This ship is an absolute work horse! Picked one up a couple weeks ago and have been putting it through its paces. Can't go wrong if you are a miner and you buy this ship. Handles amazing even fully loaded. A miners dream for hauling ore! Gerokz knows how to design a ship. 10/10

5 months ago


Such a great ship! Absolutely stunning curves! So fast you will have to pick your dentures up on the way back! Hope you brought a spare! :D Great job Gerokz! <3

5 months ago


The best S-Core hauler in DU. Super fast, carries well over 3kilo tons of cargo out of the atmosphere and it is a real beauty.

I own a lot of ships and I build ships myself.
This is for sure the most you can get out of an S-core. Well worth the money.

5 months ago | Edited 5 months ago


The K1200 is everything Gerok advertises. Perhaps the most creative designs in the game. Plus, the performance/lift/etc. The advertisement is 100% accurate. Incredible performance lift and flight mechanics, you wont be pinging this builder as to how they developed lift metrics/etc.

5 months ago | Edited 5 months ago


I love my K1200, has never failed me.. and so easy to land with overkill on the brakes!

5 months ago | Edited 5 months ago


If your after a good all round ship then this is it. you wanna haul weight and have a quick ship then this is the one for you. Easy flyer good for a skilled or unskilled pilot looking forward to your next ship Gerotz.

5 months ago


I just bought it and is a pleasure to drive it. It is even easier to drive that K-480. And even better now it got 50% more power on engines than usual. Thanks, Gerok.

5 months ago


Amazing ships I own both the K-480 and K1200 and they both fly and handle very well even at full load capacity. I've bought quite a few ships that I've found on DU creators and these are by far the best :)

5 months ago


Great ship, easy to fly. Feels like driving a fine tune sports car.

5 months ago


This is my second ship from Gerok and like the K-480 it is a usable work of art! Thanks again Gerok keep up the good work.

6 months ago


One word. Awesome!

6 months ago


I will 100% recommend this ship for a new player or a skilled player. It is a beast when we talk about getting out of atmosphere. Very quick and very easy to drive and control. Comes with few scripts that will help you take off with just a press of a button. Also includes the warp cell calculator and the repair script that would point or tell whenever you have an damaged element. It is so far one of the most successful ship I ever seen and tried in game. Has a very well balanced in all kinds. Lifts over 4.3kt depends on piloting skills and you can come back to Alioth full and land by holding the breaks. I'm so impressed and happy to do this purchase. Best invest I've done. I can't wait for the following projects.

Gerokz Aerodynamics
Not given
Not given


Cargo Lift:

3,200 t

Max Speed:

2,008 km/h

  • Core
    • S

  • Env
    • Atmosphere
    • Space

  • Sold As
    • Token

  • Role
    • Hauler

  • Features
    • Radar
    • Warp