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[DRAFT] Industrial Props: Pallet System


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This shelving and pallet system enhances the look of any warehouse. Empty pallets can be filled with elements for a more detailed look. Scaled for compatibility with the Lil' Forker series of forklifts from Brazos Voxelworks (available separately on the same floor).

The shelving is designed so that the boxes on top of the pallets can easily be moved between them, to help break up patterns in your warehouse. A rich, textured look can be achieved with very little effort! Three shelving units are included with the voxel kit to help you get started; grab the red handles, Ctrl-scroll to select a box one voxel smaller, then copy-paste onto your constructs.

This voxel kit requires one voxel "underneath" the floor where pallets are placed. See the image for a visual representation.


Preconfigured Shelving Units (3)
Empty Shelving Unit (1)
Pallet Design Variants (9)

DRM Free for you and your org to integrate into your own factories. Please do not redistribute, please do send me screenshots of what you've done with this! All Industrial Props blueprints are provided on a dynamic core, to help you figure out placement and scaling. The intent is that you copy the voxels off the dynamic core onto your own static core once you've planned out the final location.


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9 months ago


looks good

Hurakan Aerospace
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