Hurakan Aerospace

Prefabricated Metal Building


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Is it a mining outpost, a factory, a warehouse, or a hangar? All — or none — of the above! This prefabricated building features nearly 6000m² of interior floor space, ready for you to place your mining units, industry, and containers, or park your smaller constructs inside and keep your classic speeder collection out of the elements. This spacious building is perfect for a mining operation on the outer planets, as an expansion for an existing factory complex, or an unassuming building above your own secret underground lair (secret underground lair not included).

The elevated office area with stair access features four workstations, a conference room, a private office, a kitchenette, and a misbehaving copy machine. Bathrooms with a lockout circuit prevent embarrassing intrusions, and fire extinguishers are installed throughout the building to meet the Novean Occupational Safety and Health standards.

This building is delivered with voxels covering the larger doorways, which can be removed to suit your needs. Start inside the building: copy, then alt-paste to remove the voxels to leave large openings, and then install gates if desired. This building supports two Gate M elements at either end, with a Gate XS on the small attached workshop. These gates are not included in the blueprint, but easily slot into place with existing voxelwork surrounding them if desired. See "Door Options" images for further detail on voxel removal and gate placement.

Hollow foundations extend downward 2 meters from the bottom of the wall panels (8 voxels) and can be copy-pasted further down to account for uneven terrain. An included cutout allows you to copy, then alt-click on the floor to remove a section suitable for mining units, if desired.

This blueprint is currently available with DRM enabled. With the exception of the copy machine, there is no content on any of the other screens; pick them up and put them back down to disable the DRM so that you can apply your custom text and graphics. Custom buildings in this style are available via commission -- please reach out through Discord with your building footprint requirements, budget, and timing needs for further information.

This building consists of the following voxel materials and quantities:

~4000m³ Aluminum
~2300m³ Concrete (plus whatever you use copy-pasting foundations, usually <500m³)
~1500m³ Steel
~250m³ Plastic
~25m³ Iron
~10m³ Wood
<1m³ Luminescent Glass

A detailed Material and Element requirement breakdown, with specific quantities of each can be found here:

Need more than one? Contact via Discord for significant savings!


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2 months ago


i really like your builds dude! ill be by after we have are finances for demeter worked out

Hurakan Aerospace
Not given
Utopia Station Pad 10, R166S2 ::pos{0,0,13662306.2187,7546731.6980,-216195.7204}
  • Core
    • L

  • Env
    • Ground

  • Sold As
    • Blueprint

  • Role
    • Hangar
    • Factory
    • Office