DUsigner Studio Pro


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A must have for ship designers

Includes all different slopes and all different types of corners and cross corners for the sizes of:
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 6 / 7 / 12 / 21
Includes an AR system to help you filter and find desired size more easily.
Includes lifetime free updates on additional custom corners made from this library.

ALL honeycombs and elements are provided upon purchase (come with some tiny cargo capacity)!
I will provide a 3d.obj version of the library for those who ask me on Discord, for offline ship designing and online virtual projection.

VR: Jeronimo Libraries Corner

* this is a non drm library for a single user use based on trust, all the work and shapes sold here are the work of Jeronimo, share or resell by parts or by whole as a library is strictly forbidden and will be at first reported to competent support, then banned and blacklisted to all Jeronimo's and affiliated orgs selling systems.


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1 day ago


finally, I could gather 25m Quanta, finally I can get this excellet voxel Library. It will become my tool of daily work, yuppie :)

2 months ago


interesting comment from someone that sells creators free libraries

3 months ago


not impressed and over priced

4 months ago


you have to go to the location on Haven, to buy, and take a look.
I think you can look at it at Hadrons Headquarters.

4 months ago


Jeronimo your a hard guy to find

4 months ago


When are bring out the none pro version out and Price for that one?

4 months ago


I was interested in checking this out, but when I went to VR to the area, it wouldn't come up. I chalked it up to NQ doing NQ things, but when I got here, I couldn't find a dispenser for it.

As a side note, when I went to go back to the transporters, I couldn't spawn my speeder in. I would have forced respawn, except I did pick up the 4 pack of BPs in the one set of dispensers I did find.

5 months ago


I'm sorry, my English is through a translator.
I watched your video lessons, but they are the last in 21 years. Excellent lessons, it has become much clearer how and what, but still there is a complete misunderstanding of how to glue voxels of different shapes.

today, everything is also difficult to pick up when building a ship? For 2 weeks I've been trying to do something more or less not standard, but I'm running into smeared voxels. With this collection of yours, also by the selection method, it turns out that you can only do as before? or is there an opportunity to do, say, in the Blender program, and then throw it into the game?

1 year ago


un travail remarquable pour cette librairie voxel a realité aumgneté. merci Jeronimo !!!!

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