Ammo Clip (PvE Easy)


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Using the DRM free shell offered by Astleteyn, the Kosmos Organization presents to you the Ammo Clip!

This space-only ship is designed to clear the easy PvE mission entirely solo! It features 6 Advanced Agile Cannon S to shoot rounds at those alien bastards! It has your standard Advanced Shield Generator to keep your ship protected, and the hull is made mostly of Maraging Steel to keep you safe if you have to vent your shields. It's also equipped with FOX Flight and FOX Gunner by robrocketpants.

Since this is not a vanilla script nor is it a public script, also as this is designed to be kind of an "intro" to PvE missions, fridaywitch has written a guide to walk you through the whole process. That guide link is here.


This ship is only offered as a token, as it will not perform without full placement buffs on the combat elements and those buffs cannot be saved to the blueprint.

The PvE mission as of 8/19/23 pays 1.25 million and should you buy your ammo from Kosco (or any other similarly-priced store like SVEA or Honeycomb Central) then you should profit roughly 1 million per run.

You can pick this up at the Kosco if you bring a M or L core hybrid, or we can bring it up to a space station for pickup.

Message fridaywitch on Discord to place your order or if you have any questions!

All radar, seat, and cannon capacity buffs are max level.
Cannon magazine size is max level.
Cannon Damage/Range is max level.
Cannon Operations/Agility/Maneuvering/Proficiency is level 3.

Created 1 month ago
Updated 4 days ago

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1 month ago


Awesome ship for PvE! Had quite a few missions with it since I bought and it works great, very rare times I had to actually repair it due to damage taken due to venting shields, but nothing really serious, a few honeycombs and it was ready for another round.

Make sure you memorize the HUD shortcuts, specially Alt + 2, for balancing resistances, it's really useful!

Kosco - ::pos{0,2,2.4467,105.7758,-0.5285}


Dry Weight:

128 t


Cargo Lift:

1,500 t

Max Speed:

44,986 km/h


Space Thrust:

18.7 MN

Space Brake:

32.3 MN

Space Fuel:

3,200 kL

  • Core
    • S

  • Env
    • Space

  • Sold As
    • Token

  • Role
    • Combat

  • Features
    • Radar
    • Weapons
    • Shield