Lord Papp#4644
Alioth ingame The Grand Canyon USA RL

TwitchStreamer from HELL - I love DU


Max Mission Hauler Mk5 /w Arch Hud 0.015



Cargo Lift: 348,000 t

I Made this ship to fly the biggest DELIVERY F8 Missions.... You can deploy this ship and fly with no skills - its a little hard to get off Alioth with the largest 1.8kt package and requires the need to ascend in levels to prevent stalling. So far it has been tried and tested on many missions for huge profits. Is it worth it? Well YES! but how much is it going to cost. I've done an analysis of all the prices of all the parts at Alioth Market 6, and the breakdown is as follows. If all products are bought at the bid it will cost 6.32 million h. If all products are bought at the mid then it will cost 8.32 million h. Lastly if you smash the BUY NOW button and just take the asking price it will cost 10.33 million h. These figures were priced 10/26/22. The following are stats were taken with a fully loaded 1.8kt 7.5m mission package. The character may have been slightly buffed but nothing more than T3 in a couple talents. *DISCLAIMER* the stats below may be buffed, will post a deployed ship with no buffs stats soon!!!! LordPapp 10/26/2022) BP Despencer Inside Natron Factory Building /w Arch Hud 0.015 ::pos{0,2,54.1320,87.9726,8.1860} Good landing Spot ::pos{0,2,54.1766,87.8515,7.3770} ***BELOW STATS FOR MK1 - NO CURRENT STATS AVAIL**** Elements: 147 Honeycomb: 1.92m3 (Luminescent Purple Glass) Mass: 2.32kt Atmospheric-- Max Thrust 1.53g Brake Force: 7.91g Max Speed: 393m/s Low Alt Lift: 1.52g High Alt Lift: 1.49g Space-- Max Thrust: 1.14g Brake Force: 1.58g *PRICE DROP TO HELP NOOBZ GET STARTED* Nov 10th 2022 **Mk5 now in dispenser linked above, do not have list of current stats 11/25/2022 - Less containers and a few less atmos brakes and engines but more optimized and BIG IMPROVEMENT over Mk1 - STILL FITS 1 LARGEST PACKAGE FOR MISSIONS ** NOT PICTURED ***

BP: 350 Kħ