NoxCorp Bacterium 2

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Showroom and BP dispenser on Alioth (near Market 17)

Surrogate VR: NoxCorp Showroom

NoxCorp Bacterium is a pet simulator game and stylish aquarium for your ship or base. Grow up to 4 pets at a time, each with unique appearance and characteristics. Each one will evolve multiple times during its life. The lifespan of a bacteria is up to 100 days, you should feed them at least twice a week.

Bacterium 2 is a complete rewrite using the LUA screen API. The graphics are much sharper and run at a higher framerate. The screens are very efficient (500k render cost per screen) so will not give you performance/lag problems.

The programming board on the right of Bacterium has many LUA params you can customise. You can change the colours and show/hide different elements. The programming board on the left is for the lighting inside Bacterium. I have added a simple DRM free script which can be used to set the lights.

LUA updates in development including:
✓ New evolutions and appearances [Completed Oct 2022]
- Fighting
- Breeding
- Transferring pets between units

Bacterium 2 comes on a DRM protected dynamic core XS which allows easy repositioning on your ship or base. Custom install direct into your construct is possible but costs more. Contact me for details.

Width: 500cm (20 voxels)
Height: 375cm (15 voxels)
Depth: 150cm (6 voxels)
Screen size: Transparent Screen L

Need a custom install or tweaks? Contact nekranox#6279 for more information.

Readme file provided with full instructions for use:

Created 1 year ago
Updated 5 months ago

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1 year ago


Had this installed on the DIS10 L core and nekranox and the tank were amazing! Highly recommend nekranox to anyone.

1 year ago


I really like this aquarium. Makes me smile each time I see my little pets swim around. Looks really cool.

1 year ago


very nice addition to your home

1 year ago | Edited 1 year ago


nice script

1 year ago

ATC Guardian

I've known nekranox for quite awhile now. He's a solid guy and a great LUA scripter! Highly recommend any of his creations! Great customer service as well!

1 year ago


This is an absolute dream in early wipe! Nothing better after a hard days work just looking at my little buddy swimming around :)

Wish I could eat it though...

1 year ago


Bacterium 2 is the same size as the XL, there isn't a smaller version yet. Message me for BPs, I'll deliver. Showroom coming soon

1 year ago | Edited 1 year ago


Will the XL also be re worked? Where is the dispensor?

Alioth (near Market 17) ::pos{0,2,36.4289,57.9012,22.7369}
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