Orri S Core Fuel Station


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Greetings Noveans. Introducing my first upload..... my S Core fuel station.

It's DRM free so you can move it onto a larger core if you wish to scale up the container storage or place it at the end of your L core runway.

3 Fuel pumps with dispensers which can be configured to your own requirements, and space to expand to 5 pumps if necessary.

Shop area with cash machine , refreshment vending machines, shelving for spare ship parts (Supplied empty due to upcoming beta wipe), 4 dispenser slots to sell scrap and warp cells, and a cashiers office.

The rear of the office has a small empty stock room with an elevator to the fuel refinery upstairs (Again.,there is space to house the industry units to support 5 fuel pumps.)

Special thanks to my Kosmos Org Mates for your help & encouragement: Scourgy (for the pump design), Captain Harlock (for voxelmancy lessons), Lunarzkii & fridaywitch

Please note: The inside may be very bright if you play with "shadows off" on your graphics settings... if this is the case, you may wish to remove some of the internal light fixtures.

Please contact me on my discord to rectify any problems, or if the dispenser needs refilling. I appreciate your feedback

(17th Nov 22) - dispenser is placed at Kosmos Showroom. (Alioth) ::pos{0,2,2.9117,105.4578,53.1729}

Created 1 year ago
Updated 29 days ago

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7 months ago


Awesome fuel station.

7 months ago


best looking fuel station! Awesome price, DRM free.

1 year ago


location updated as new showroom has now been placed.

1 year ago


its at kosmos showroom in VR if it is incorrect... but pls do not buy the bp whilst in vr

1 year ago


The location in your Oct 5 post doesn't look accurate, i went to buy it and I didn't find the Dispenser, but you base look great :D

1 year ago


one customer has mentioned that the bp they received isnt drm free to copy to a larger core.. if this is the case pls message me on discord and i will rectify the problem by releasing drm on a current build or replacing the bp

1 year ago


ty.. i have just restocked the dispenser

1 year ago


Hiya well done with the fuel station it looks great, I will buy this blueprint as soon as i raise the 2 mil, Keep up the great work :)

1 year ago | Edited 1 year ago


many thanks Anketh0.. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed building it, and thank you for being my first sale on DU Creators.

1 year ago


Awesome work! I bought this last week and just got it setup - everything is really well designed, the voxel work is excellent and the industry design was labelled and easy to follow. I love the attention to detail - the vending machines and computers are a great idea and really add to the overall feel of the place.

::pos{0,2,2.9039,105.4535,53.0254} (Alioth)
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