Orri's Airport Lounge Fixtures


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I've been building an airport lounge above my hangar, some have asked for a small library to make their own, so here is my creation, i hope you like it.

Please come and view the airport in situ to get some inspiration ideas..... VR to Orri Alioth Base. You will spawn in the airport arrivals area. Visit in person at ::pos{0,2,2.5480,104.8856,1.4524} and take the elevator up into the airport. I generally play with shadows off because I'm a cheapskate when it comes to lighting.. sorry if its too dark.

I enjoy having visitors at the base. Blueprints of my own base props and art are available in the blueprint shop HERE ::pos{0,2,2.4627,104.9194,1.7739}, the airport kit is currently spawned behind the rear of the shop for your inspection.

Credits: Loaded Industries hangar kit for the main building design, and an unknown creator for the airport walls and windows. (if you know the creator of this please let me know so i can credit them).

Included in the kit is:-
White Internal door surround. (copies the profile of the in game interior doors), and a matching wall panel for corridors and rooms. (Pictures 1&2)

Plinth for information signage, can be resized for your own signs. ( Sorry Lua Screen not included Thanks to Hadron for the screen for my personal use :-) (Picture 3)

Security body and luggage scanners. (Picture 4)
Baggage carousel and sign holder (Picture 5)
Baggage loading dock (Picture 6)
Quanta ATM Cash machine... sadly it doesn't give out quanta! (Picture 7)
Hologram base plinth, Gate seating area, Bar seating area (Picture 8)
Bar frontage and seating and lighting. (Picture 9)
Passport Control Booths and desks.) (Picture 10.. needs taking)

Sign images can be found on the DU Image share discord or pm me if you can't find the links and i'll forward them.

Feel free to message me on discord with any questions or problems. Have fun building your own airport.

Created 1 year ago
Updated 6 months ago

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1 year ago


I agree so realistic from the gates to customs .. all the equipment and accessories are made top notch ... great job better to see it available for others to utilize.

1 year ago


If you haven't seen this in person, go visit! It's simply amazing.

::pos{0,2,2.9039,105.4535,53.0254} (Alioth)
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