Equinox OS: Fuel/Mass/Hub Monitor



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** 31/01/22 Support for Space Fuel XS ** The first in a series labeled 'Equinox OS,' PsychoSlaughter of Equinox Consortium brings to you a fuel, hub, and ship mass monitor utilizing the latest in Lua screen tech. This adaptable monitoring solution will adjust to any fuel tank configuration from 1 to 12 tanks, adjusting the display to utilize screen space. In addition to keeping tabs on fuel, this screen will watch your cargo levels ensuring you don't overfill that hauler*. For further stats on your ship, a mass display separates the ship, fuel, and cargo weights for you to review. Bundle this all with easy installation, configurable colors, and custom limits per ship and you have the last monitoring solution you'll ever need! DRM free for you to use on all your ships. Shipbuilders: please leave DRM on when selling your constructs for this OS. ::pos{0,2,34.6366,78.3544,247.2298} EASY INSTALL: 1. Deploy the monitor construct from blueprint 2. Right-click the programming board and select 'Copy Lua configuration to clipboard' 3. Place a new programming board on the target construct you want to add Equinox OS to 4. Right-click the programming board and select 'Paste Lua configuration from clipboard' 5. Right-click the programming board and edit the parameters to your specifications 6. Connect the core, hub, and minimum of one screen to the programming board *Cargo monitor supports one Container Hub only. Additional containers not connected to the single hub, or additional hubs, may throw off the calculations.

Individual: 10 Mħ
Resale: 10 Mħ