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A pleasant-looking and quite functional ship
The recommended crew of the ship is 4 people:
1) pilot,
2) shooter,
3) navigator,
4) mechanic.
Also, a technical specialist of the transported cargo may be present on the ship, the necessary equipment is available for this.
This ship has a system of protection against pirate attacks:
1) 4 guns (2 in front and 2 in the rear),
2) shield generator.
The control cabin of the ship is protected by additional force fields activated with a button.
VR "Molotoglav"
Position (::pos{0,2,6.8880,152.3365,267.2064})


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10 days ago


Hi Karandash, at the expense of guns and, it's more for visual beauty and a more aggressive look.
The lasers are directed backwards in order to shoot back without turning the ship.
As for the wings and the back wall, I agree, in the future I will improve these points.
L radar worked with M chair.
Force fields are of course for beauty and entourage.
And yes, I'll redo the screenshots

10 days ago


This ship has potential but its not there yet...

Have you tested the guns? Can they fire or are they obstructed? What kind of Guns? Why are the lasers facing backwards?

That engine wall could use a bit of work, its currently flat with the elements sticking out, not to mention the stacked wings on the top stabilizer which don't look good floating there...

Is that an L radar? Are you sure that radar works with an M gunner chair?

Lastly, I don't think the force fields do anything to protect the cockpit from gunfire.

What I do like are the interior and the colour scheme. I'd say you should focus on areas that aren't that with your exterior element placement. Oh, and take pictures without the UI - looks much better that way.



Dry Weight:

720.4 t

Cargo Space:

384 kL


Cargo Lift:

2,000 t

Max Speed:

1,682 km/h

Atmo Hover:

31 MN

Atmo Thrust:

53 MN

Atmo Brake:

392 MN

Wing Lift:

39.8 MN

Atmo Fuel:

13.5 kL


Space Thrust:

49.1 MN

Space Brake:

173 MN

Space Hover:

18.7 MN

Space Fuel:

16 kL

  • Core
    • M

  • Env
    • Atmosphere
    • Space
    • Ground

  • Sold As
    • Blueprint

  • Role
    • Combat
    • Hauler
    • Carrier

  • Features
    • Interior
    • Radar
    • Weapons
    • Warp
    • Rockets
    • Shield