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PvP Suite includes 4 different scripts at the moment.
**Converted to DU v0.30 and to support fully implemented LUA revamp in a future**
1st script: Gunnery seat which includes all weapon, shield, radar and targeting systems.
2nd script: Remote control to make solo PvP possible and includes all navigation ,engine and fuel systems.
3rd script: Utility script for Programming Board, and includes things like Damage report, Periscope, landing lights, automated landing gears and prolly much more useful and useless(but fancy) things in a future..
Also: Cockpit conversion of the whole suite for XS ships, which is only one script.

Weapons and targeting:
-Weapon Hit Probabilities
-Target info when selected (including unique construct id)
-Detailed info when target is identified
-Compact identified construct list with detailed info
-Support for different amount of weapons (1-10)
-Transparent non widget Periscope

Shield, core and elements:
-Shield resist changing is now more simplified, resists will be changed with 2 hotkey presses:
For example alt+1 (antimatter) and alt+2 (electro-magnetic) will set resists to 40-40-10-10, alt+1 and alt+1 will set resists to 70-10-10-10.
-Feature to put shield on when taking the seat
-Feature to put shield offline when leaving the seat (disabled by default)
-Automatic shield enabling when entering PvP space
-Shield will be put on automatically after venting process
-Resist stress values
-Shield HP
-Core stress
-Resist and venting cooldown indicators
-Shield offline safety, safety will prevent accidental shield disabling. Safety has LUA parameter and you can also toggle it with hotkeys
-Element damage report(on utility script), will list any element on ship with damage

Navigation and engines:
-Engine control based on tags, ability to shut down and on engine groups, great for fuel saving
-Hotkeys ALT + 1-8 will toggle engine groups on/off ALT + 9 will switch all engines on instantly
-Brake toggle
-V-Booster shutdown when landing
-Brake distance indicator
-Thrust indicator
-Altitude to ground indicator
-PvP Zone distance indicator, will show now distance to Safe Zone on any range too when in PvP zone
-Fuel tank support up to 6 tanks
-Warp Destination with required and remaining warp cell information
-Acceleration indicator
-Current speed/max speed indicator

Other and Interface:
-Databank is required to store many settings like engine group status and other settings.
-Key G now switch ALT + 1 - 9 hotkeys functions. This means you either use them for Shield resists, Engine control or Other controls.
-Indicator to show which side hotkeys are currently assigned for.
-Automatic landing gears. Gears will react to altitude to landing pad or whatever, and will extend before the landing, and rectracts when you take off.
-Landing lights support, fancy blinking lights if you want! Blink will be faster when you get closer to the ground and will turn lights off after landing is done.
-You can hide the build menu
-Feature to show ammo container remaining ammos
-Feature to show nearest planet/moon atmo/no atmo collision range
-General font size modifier

LUA parameters
-Rename option for engine groups
-Rename option for fuel tanks
-Parameter for Locked View(straight ahead), Left Alt is Freelook
-Parameters for widgets to shown or hide
-Parameters for many other features
-Parameter to allow or disallow negative throttle value
-Parameter to start remote controller with brake toggle on or off
-Parameter to disable or enable almost every feature

Console commands:
/helper on - shows buildhelper
/helper off - hides buildhelper

Easy installing, just link elements

Planned features:
-Detailed damage report from enemy hits like what type of damage and how much is absorbed etc.
-Friendlies list via transponders
-Id converting to letters for easier target calling
-Probably much more

Selling is now on hold until NQ decides and makes official statement about wipe rumours and what happens on release.

There will be individual and org packs and prices also will be decided after possible wipe.

If you are interested, join my scripting discord at https://discord.gg/ttajxhZYXY or on my channel @du-creators discord

Created 1 year ago
Updated 1 year ago

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1 year ago


Already converted suite to support new stuff

1 year ago


Hah!!! you replied lol. Most people dont reply. I must have been drinking lol. Have you considered the new LUA updates and how they will affect your scripts? I have no idea here, just asking

1 year ago | Edited 1 year ago


Good crack.
Time i have used to this "some code", 75mil is nothing. And it have been selling quite nicely, unfortunately "One NQ does not simply comment about any wipe or release related rumours".
So script selling is also on halt atm.

1 year ago


what kinda crack u smoking?? 75 mil for some code.

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