Shadow Templar



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The Crusader is a large atmo space hauler capable lifting 20kt off Alioth. But if that's not enough you can AGG park above the pickup zone and use the Cat XL enhanced elevator to ferry cargo to and from the Crusader. The Crusader also comes with 2 warp shuttles and a modified AWP (AWP POS H1) (ships not sold separately) all of these support ships are specifically designed for the Crusader with its mission in mind. The Crusaders elevator has been thoroughly tested and a brief training session is available and recommended. The ship comes standard with the Horizon H1 fight software with its proprietary AGG module. Docking ships in the Crusaders internal bays is aided by the ability to open the hanger gates from up to 250 meters away. The flight deck is capable of holding 3 full size M core and 4 S core ships.

Tokens are currently available based on element availability, please give a 1-week lead time to allow for element production.

Elevator in action:

Currently located at: ::pos{0,2,40.5581,92.2868,3.0116} | VR: "ST Alioth Ship Shop"

We now have a discord for Horizon support! Join for updates on new software releases, ship sales, and chat with other Horizon pilots out there:


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4 months ago


@atruskage - The reason why the blueprint cost is high is because this has multiple custom scripts that are all quite good that some may feel are worth that much. It's not like a blueprint to a standard ship, you are paying for the custom LUA.

5 months ago


BP price is way too much for any ship given that I'll pay a ton in parts and the time it will take to aquire most of them Its a nice rig but BP just way to high

6 months ago | Edited 6 months ago


built this ship from bp taken few a few trips to test it out, its a good ship. the included elevator , two warp shuttles and hybrid cat are a great addition . many thanks

7 months ago


It is custom code developed by Shadow Templar. this code is on the full line of elevators.

7 months ago


That is an impressive piece of work! Is that docking code custom? It is so precise!!!

7 months ago


This set is exactly what DU needed to make AGG a more rewarding action. Sure, we can jump down while linked and respawn back up but that's not engaging. This system turns everything from market runs, base relocations, general hauling, or just showing off into a rewarding task. Hands down love this purchase and recommend this setup to anyone looking to spice up their game :)

Shadow Templar


Dry Weight:

9,400 t

Cargo Space:

7,344 kL


Cargo Lift:

20,000 t

Max Speed:

1,468 km/h

Sustentation Speed:

171 km/h

Atmo Thrust:

311 MN

Atmo Brake:

1,248 MN

Wing Lift:

421 MN

Atmo Fuel:

410 kL


Space Thrust:

481 MN

Space Brake:

648 MN

Space Fuel:

461 kL

  • Core
    • L

  • Env
    • Atmosphere
    • Space

  • Sold As
    • Token
    • Blueprint

  • Role
    • Hauler
    • Carrier

  • Features
    • AntiGrav
    • Interior
    • Radar
    • Warp
    • Shield