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Smourr - Wookie since SWG 2003
I will create useful designs for you.

VR Station to the Shop: "Smourr Designs Shop" in Wossi Town

All designs can be delivered as Token, just write me.
Please note! Do not buy while you are VR session.
Thank you very much.
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8 Slot Small Mining Rig V1 Cheap Version

Smourr Designs


No attributes :-(

This mining factory is suitable for 8 Mining Units and 2 M Size Container or 1 L Container for Ore Storage. Build on cheap rescources it can be almost hand-crafted in your Nanocrafter. The blueprint do not contain any Mining Units or Containers. Feel free to place yourself. Get your blueprint at the dispenser. If you want to have the honeycomb and elements too, have a look on the second dispenser. You can also write me an message if blueprint is not available at the dispenser

BP: 200 Kħ


Smourr Designs


Cargo Lift: 60 t

The Bumblebee was my first created ship after Beta. A sturdy easy and cheap hauler or courier for atmospheric transports. Fitted with a M Container and heavy lift. You can fly it with basic skills. Standard lift around 60-80 tons with less skills, more skills - more lift. A second xs container can fit your papers and scrap. Will be sold as DRM free blueprint

BP: 500 Kħ

Team A Bus

Smourr Designs


Space Thrust: 0.3 MN

Be Iconic! Want to have an mohican for free? You love working plans? That ship is for you! Smallest courier and personal transport that i ever build. Famous TV series design combined with Comic elements. Easiest to fly with almost no skills. Almost craftable in Nanocrafter and fitted with ArchHud for Autopiloting. You can easy remove the space components and place it in your pocket. Coordinates for replacing: (X,Y,Z) Space Engine Left: -16,5/0,5/6 Space Engine Right: 16,5/0,5/6 Space Fuel Tank: 0/4,5/2 Space Engine Top: 0/7/7 Container: 0/11/2 "A Team" Bus is awaiting you.

BP: 750 Kħ


Smourr Designs


Cargo Lift: 150 t

The Mungo is the small workhorse you need. Fitted with a medium cargo container, two powerful atmo engines and a space engine - combined with a slim stubnose military design you will get every job done. Powerful enough to carry 300t of material in atmosphere - With medium skills. But also with low skills you can fly it easy. Can lift up to 150 tons of material from Alioth to space. Much more back to Alioth. This is our daily use transporter for all kind of small to medium supports in the organization. Pick from market, Deliver to Madis, Bring home material - All done with one ship. Atmo speed is limited to 1100 km/h, but can fly up to 1400 km/h. Available in 4 colors - Olive/military, Red, Blue and Silver. Have a look in the store - Colors examples in the showroom. Free skilling on request. Token on request - Have a look at store, we sell already built ships on the outer floor. Can be ordered with advanced safe / freight engines for saving more fuel.

BP: 2.5 Mħ