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The Dart is one of the few "real" Warp-Shuttles available since the release of Dual Universe. It is built for minimum weight while still maintaining a pleasant appearance.

Since the weight of the warp drive was increased to 75t, most low-weight shuttles became obsolete. They simply do not produce enough lift anymore to haul the warp drive around. Because this unfortunately affected also our beloved "Needle", the Dart was born.

Just 4 warp cells from Alioth to Madis, 15 to Teoma.

This is not a racer, flight is docile and leaving Alioth is a bit challenging for a pilot without skills. The handling improves dramatically for a pilot with just lvl2+ talents on engines and wings.

Stats are for unskilled pilots, cargo lift depends heavily on pilot skills.

This version features all advanced military engines.

Blueprint Dispensers available at the Alioth Exchange (Red Hall) ::pos{0,0,-18729.1249,113456.7716,-74341.4425}
Surrogate: SPPA Alioth Exchange

As our talents improve over time, ask us to meet and buff your ship with the latest talents!

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Super Powerful Pro Army
Belorion#3127 / Andri#8273
Belorion, CaPe19
SPPA Alioth Showroom ::pos{0,2,34.3389,111.0206,0.6303} - Alioth Exchange - Red Hall ::pos{0,0,-18726.0240,113459.4703,-74351.8618}


Dry Weight:

120 t

Cargo Space:

4.5 kL


Cargo Lift:

10 t

Max Speed:

1,036 km/h

Atmo Hover:

2.56 MN

Sustentation Speed:

415 km/h

Atmo Thrust:

2.3 MN

Atmo Brake:

7.59 MN

Wing Lift:

2.16 MN

Atmo Fuel:

0.72 kL


Space Thrust:

2.3 MN

Space Brake:

5.33 MN

Space Hover:

2.56 MN

Space Fuel:

0.72 kL

  • Core
    • XS

  • Env
    • Atmosphere
    • Space

  • Sold As
    • Blueprint

  • Role
    • Hauler
    • Courier

  • Features
    • Interior
    • Radar
    • Warp