Wyvern LX


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***Price Reduction through the Holidays***

VR: Anvilworks Showroom

The Anvilworks "Wyvern" is a medium core luxury light hauler. If you want a ship to show off your wealth then look no further. This baby turns heads wherever you go. This is my personal daily driver. If you are looking for a ship that can haul multi kilotons of cargo then this is NOT the ship for you. This is not a workhorse. This is a piece of art. This ship was based on a 3D model which can be seen in the pics. This ship was built to scale as the model had human models built in. I had to highly modify the back end and add nacels in order to facilitate as much thrust as I could due to the unfortunate size of DU's engine models. I have tested this with 1KT of cargo leaving both entering and leaving Alioth with Level 4 talents. It is doable but it is not fun. I would say that this ship's happy place is around 800 tons. The top "hood" took many hours to nail down moving point by point to get the slope and lines just right. I would have loved to add more detail however I was limited by chunk complexity in most areas.

- Fuel Efficient
- Bar has been built in in the main hall
- Privacy glass (button in the cockpit) (spawns blue you will need the skin unlocked in order to change)
- Sun shades on both sides of the lounge windows
- Numerous extra screens and programming boards to run your favorite scripts.
- Room for improvements (upgraded Engines, more weapons etc.)

4 x Large Advanced Military Atmospheric Engines
4 x Large Advanced Military Space Engines
2 x Medium Advanced Precision Railguns (additional mounting locations for additional weapons)
1 x Large Space Fuel tank
1 x Large Atmospheric Fuel tank
1 x Medium Shield
1 x Medium Space Radar
1 x Small Space Radar
1 x Warp Drive

*upgrades I would do in the future to make it sing*
-change the large military space engines to maneuvers.
-upgrade vertical boosters to advanced military
-change from 6 basic medium container to 4 medium advanced optimized containers
-upgrade from basic medium radar

If you would like to change materials/colors the honeycomb listed below can be used as reference for the main pieces.

Primary (Upper Hull)- Glossy white Plastic
Secondary (Lower Hull) - Polished Gray Steel
Rear wing and engine cover - Glossy Aluminum
Vents - Matte Dark gray carbon fiber
Lumi - White

Main wood flooring - Stained Brown pattern wood 1
Secondary wood - Matte dark grey wood
lumi - Luminescent icy blue glass
Primary walls - Glossy White carbon fiber
Secondary walls - Stained beige pattern plastic (cold)
Tertiary walls - Glossy gray plastic

My personal loadout has the following:
3 x Medium Advanced Precision Railguns attached to Gunner Seat Medium
3 x Medium Advanced Precision Cannons attached to Gunner Seat Medium
3 x Small Advanced Precision Cannons attached to Gunner Seat Small
*Required crew to run the above setup is 3.*

*note* When adding additional weapons you can modify the ship to allow the pilot to have weapons as well. There is a remote button in the cockpit. Replace the hover seat controller with a Gunner Seat and use the remote button to fly the ship.

The numbers in the Attribute section are based off of mostly Level 4 technician talents

Created 1 year ago
Updated 3 months ago

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10 months ago


I have not found a way to buy? Also I have not found the ship under the specified position.

1 year ago


Very beautiful ship but many elements blocked that lower function. Most wings are blocking each other. Ailerons on the sides seem to be blocked but easy fix.
Also oddly the door manual switch to the And operator to relay does not want to work even after removing the elements and re adding the links exactly as they were during deployment.

1 year ago


@TeeWRX82 Can I add you on discord? I would like to discuss getting the Wyvern and Drake BP's I built out with new copies with my changes.

1 year ago


Thank you CHillCoaster! @subgranules life has been crazy. next time I see you in game I'll take care of it

1 year ago


Winner of the Obsidian Paradox Ship Show (New Years 2023) for the 1-3kt Hauler Class and Best In Show! For collectors, this is a must-have ship. Your work inspres me.

1 year ago


So much care and detail went into this design. One of the best. I'm getting a few issues however. The hoverseat LUA won't let me pilot, and the array of small wings is heavily obstructed. DM me in game and lets discuss

1 year ago


Medium Core and thank you!

1 year ago


The ship looks great! Is this an S Core?

1 year ago


Some of your best work!!

1 year ago | Edited 1 year ago

ATC Guardian

Picked the blueprint up for this the other day and finally got it built today. I absolutely love this ship! It feels luxurious, yet still gets the job done! I plan to use it for my every day ship, and my mobile home away from home. Seems very fuel efficient. There is also plenty of room for personalization and upgrades to make it feel like your own unique ship! Highly recommend and TeeWRX is always friendly and provides excellent support!

1 year ago


LOVE This Ship!!!

1 year ago


This is a pristine build. Some of the best voxel work I've ever seen.

1 year ago





Dry Weight:

538 t

Cargo Space:

288 kL


Cargo Lift:

800 t

Max Speed:

1,270.8 km/h

Atmo Hover:

0 MN

Sustentation Speed:

262 km/h

Atmo Thrust:

12 MN

Atmo Brake:

20 MN

Wing Lift:

16.7 MN

Atmo Fuel:

23.04 kL


Space Thrust:

18.4 MN

Space Brake:

14.4 MN

Space Hover:

16.2 MN

Space Fuel:

25.6 kL

  • Core
    • M

  • Env
    • Atmosphere
    • Space

  • Sold As
    • Blueprint

  • Role
    • Hauler
    • Courier

  • Features
    • Interior
    • Radar
    • Weapons
    • Warp
    • Shield