[DRAFT] IED Warp Cell Factory 144


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Fed up purchasing warp cells off the market? Want to make some money on the side selling warp cells?

This small core, self-contained, warp cell factory is supplied as a boosted token that will produce 144 warp cells every 24 hours. All schematics included and installed, we even supply all the ores for your first day of production in the token price!

At current market prices, as of 29/01, the difference in price between selling the ores to the markets best buy orders compared to the average sell order price of warp cells is 7k per warp cell. That's 1 Million Quanta per day either saved or made, depending on your use of the factory.

We will deliver and deploy the factory in a location of your choosing, the included ore will let us test the factory is fully functional and walk you through the industry monitoring screens.

After that, all you need to do is put ore in and collect your warp cells!

Ongoing support is provided via the surrogate pod included in the factory, this will let us update the various LUA scripts if you are not comfortable doing it yourself, and we will visit onsite if any machines need to be stopped and started again so that you maintain the bonuses from our crafting talents.

We've placed the units assembling the warp cells prominently at the front of the factory, this allows you to see if everything is running with a glance from up to 300 meters away. Green is good, red is bad!

VR to "IED Showroom" to see the factory or visit in person, on Madis, at ::pos{0,1,0.0404,-76.7929,612.5930}

Contact me on Discord or in-game to schedule your installation!

Ideally, have access to voice comms when we come to deploy your factory and we'll invite you onto our discord server. If deploying directly on your tile and not an existing construct, then the only right we need in RDMS is "Deploy static core unit on territory" We will walk you through this.

For the trade, we will tokenize the construct while screen sharing on Discord and immediately initiate the trade.

Feel free to stick around in the discord server after installation for ongoing support!

Ore supplied below, this is slightly over 1 days worth;

7300 Coal
6300 Bauxite
9700 Quartz
2900 Hematite
3400 Limestone
1650 Malachite
1450 Natron
1650 Pyrite
1650 Acanthite
350 Petalite

*UPDATE* 288 cells per day version available here -


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1 month ago


Good group of guys. Messaged, setup a date and time that worked for all parties, setup was relatively quick and easy and then up and running.

1 month ago


Thank you very much for placing it for me. It started 1-2 hours after that with the first warpcell and have never stopped make me smile ;)

1 month ago | Edited 1 month ago


Excellent Service. Contacted them and they came the same day to install. Two really nice Guys. Factory is working made 34 cells overnight. Uses a lot less ore that I was expecting.

1 month ago | Edited 1 month ago


I asked them to install a custom 144 factory in my own construct.
They came few hours later to do the job.
It took them arount 2 hrs and a half to done that.
See pics : &

I warmly recommend them.
Thank you guys.

1 month ago | Edited 1 month ago


Tous comme Xaerzor je recommande chaudement. Du début à la fin tout est Nickel. Bravo à vous .

1 month ago


Très sérieux et patients surtout dans des cas particuliers et ont tout fait pour débloquer la situation ! livraison rapide ! instalation niquel. Je recommande !

1 month ago


Quick delivery, great service, already started producing, thank you Lacal!

2 months ago

Ancient Targ

Excellent friendly service also a very good build can only recommend.

2 months ago


Great process. They set everything up and give you the ore for the first day. Very helpful when you ask questions as well. Definitely recommend

2 months ago


Great Value!! Setup took minutes, I just had to ore it up and works great. 5 Stars!!!

2 months ago


Absolutely brilliant, loved the idea as soon as i saw it (typicaly just after building my first cell factory) The efficiency of the unit and creator is second to none, could not of recommended more..... Untill they launched the bigger brother.

2 months ago


An install process like butter on toast. Now I extort my neighbors to purchase more things. Sharkey Approves!

2 months ago


Brilliant comms, great product and efficiency to rival the Germans. Thanks for the installation guys, very smooth

2 months ago | Edited 2 months ago


Would order from these gentlemen again, quick prompt and wonderful service. Good Blokes all around. They were very patient when it came to setting up the RDMS to get it put onto a multi core structure. They placed it better than I myself could. Can't recommend them enough. Would be a 5 star review if we were able to rate. - Istanicas Founder of Chem Dogs

2 months ago


got mine installed 2 days ago, got it all stocked up and it's running just as advertised. Think I had about 135 cells in about the first 26 hours while it started to get in gear. The 2 man team put it down exactly where I wanted it and had it running in 30 mins max. Great pair of guys, just make sure you pronouce it Mala-Kite...or it can get nasty! Thanks guys!! Especially for the checkup the next day to make sure it was working properly!!!

2 months ago


Great group to work with. Professional and patient as they help you figure out RDMS so they can drop and setup the factory. Really well done. Highly recommend.

2 months ago | Edited 2 months ago


Highly recommend great service, very nice guys. considering a second one when the money comes in.
And no my review is not fake.. hit me up in game my username is evinrude1914 and you can vr to see what they did for me in my base

2 months ago


Very happy with my warp cell factory, it looks great and was setup quickly without any problems would highly recommend.

2 months ago


Cool idea 8)

2 months ago

Ahandinit Flo

I highly recommend this team! This is a great construct with great value ....the price will be paid off in one month for me and then the rest is profit ! I got on discord comms with the creator team and they explained all the details to me. It was a smooth install and they walked me thru RDMS rights with screenshots to get everything sorted. If you want warp cells or just want to make quanta I suggest you get one of these as soon as you can !

2 months ago | Edited 2 months ago


Top Notch Service!!! Delivered, set up, tours, and training to boot. Professional and trustworthy. They set up RDMS and even found error in my setup that we immediately corrected. You can't get better service then this. Two words from this old sailor, "BRAVO ZULU"

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