[DRAFT] Y-Lift M7 10k L - Plentiful - Space Elevator


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"Plentiful" is a beautifully crafted large-core space elevator rated for up to 10kt and large enough to carry a full medium core on top. Its sparse but practical interior and planet-view window makes the trip to and from your space station a pleasure.

Manual for the script is found on the SVEA Discord, https://tinyurl.com/svea-du in the #manual-and-changelog channel

The 10kt rating is for a pilot with full level five talents and it is not advised to operate this elevator with less than level three across the board. Especially important are the engine warmup talents.

Please contact seller for an up-to-date token price.

Bill of materials:
80 Adjustor L
60 Advanced Freight Atmospheric Engine L
6 Advanced Safe Space Engine L
20 Advanced Safe Space Engine L
48 Atmospheric Airbrake L
6 Atmospheric Fuel Tank L
2 Atmospheric Fuel Tank M
10 Basic Container XL
3 Chair Surface
1 Container Hub XS
2 Databank XS
2 Detection Zone S
1 Dynamic Core Unit L
1 Emergency Controller XS
1 Emitter XS
9 Glass Panel L
2 Interior door S
8 Long Light M
1 Modern Screen S
16 Rare Maneuver Atmospheric Engine M
12 Rare Safe Space Engine M
1 Receiver XS
1 Remote Controller XS
48 Retro-rocket Brake L
10 Space Fuel Tank M
8 Square Light M
86 Square Light XS
1 Telemeter XS

Honeycomb, in m3
143 Blue pattern marble (cold)
2 m3 Galvanized black steel
121 Galvanized blue steel
2 Galvanized orange steel
37 Galvanized white aluminium
24 Galvanized yellow steel
12 Glossy black carbon fiber
304 Glossy steel
22 Luminecent Icy Blue Glass
4 Luminecent Icy Blue Glass
4 Matte black carbon fiber
26 Matte black plastic
7 Matte blue plastic
2 Matte blue plastic (cold)
193 Matte Calcium
553 Matte dark blue plastic (cold)
40 Matte dark gray plastic
1 Matte light gray plastic
5 Matte red plastic
3847 Matte white plastic
1 Painted Dark Gray Silumin
48 Polished white steel
75 White pattern marble

Created 10 months ago
Updated 6 months ago

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10 months ago


I got one of these yesterday and already my sex life has markedly improved.

10 months ago


Why don't you post a list of Elements?
We need to know this in order to understand how much it will cost to build.

Svea Store, Alioth, ::pos{0,2,49.8489,160.0432,42.6592}


Cargo Space:

3,840 kL


Cargo Lift:

10,000 t

  • Core
    • L

  • Env
    • Atmosphere
    • Space
    • Ground

  • Sold As
    • Token
    • Blueprint

  • Role
    • Hauler

  • Features
    • Interior