Warp Cell Factory


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This is a large static core, complete setup to create 1 warp cell at a time.

It's a base for a large industry, all items get their own container, so you can add other industry items, since it includes all T1 refined ores, along with some T2 and T3.

All containers are named for ease of use. Easy to expand to do more than 1 cell at a time or add other industry units.

BP can be purchased from dispenser at GTF City, in my store at ::pos{0,2,-8.9075,115.3199,18.4796}

Contact me on discord with any questions at wokka#4615 and can find me on the official DU discord as wokka1

I no longer provide the parts, due to the ongoing price fluctuations of the market, sorry.

There are two versions of the blueprint, both same price, one includes the shown voxels, which draw out the links, hoping to help new players understand what is going on. The other BP is voxel less.

A youtube video showing me deploying it, explaining each piece and setting up the industry is at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Wbj_qKoqO4

If you want to hire me to come set this up on your existing core, send me a message on discord if you want to discuss this price, I'll try to be reasonable, but time is money :)

List of components in case you want to source your own:
Container Large 2
Container Small 23
Container Medium 20
Container Hub 1
Screen Small 11
Static Core Unit Large 1
Transfer Unit 7
3D Printer 2
Chemical industry 2
Electronics Industry 3
Glass Furnace 5
Refiner 7
Smelter 2
Uncommon 3D printer 1
Uncommon Chemical industry 1
Uncommon Electronics industry 2
Uncommon Glass furnace 5
Uncommon refiner 3
Uncommon smelter 1

Schematics needed to start this up, in two dispensers:
Remote schematics, not found on Aliothe markets:
pure silver schematic
pure lithium schematic
pure sulfur schematic
calcium reinforced copper schematic
cu-ag alloy schematic
polycalcite plastic schematic
polysulfide plastic schematic
advanced glass schematic - need 2 of these
ag-li reinforced glass schematic
uncommon connector schematic
uncommon led schematic
uncommon antimatter capsule schematic
uncommon quantum core schematic
advanced antimatter capsule schematic
advanced quantum core schematic

These 3 you can have multiples of, if you want to build more than 1 cell at a time:
advanced quantum alignment unit schematic
advanced antimatter core schematic
warp cell schematic

Local schematics, found on Aliothe markets:
pure copper schematic
pure sodium schematic
pure calcium schematic
pure iron schematic
pure silicon schematic
pure carbon schematic
pure aluminium schematic
al-fe alloy schematic
polycarbonate plastic schematic
glass product schematic
basic component schematic
basic connector schematic
basic led schematic
basic antimatter capsule schematic
basic quantum core schematic

Voxels needed for that version, these are rounded up to the next even number :
Aged Yellow pattern plastic 8
Beige pattern plastic 7
Blue pattern plastic 14
Glossy black plastic 9
Glossy green plastic 3
Glossy light green plastic 7
Glossy red plastic 11
Glossy yellow plastic 10
Gray pattern wood 1144
Matte dark gray plastic 8
Matte dark yellow plastic 4
Matte light red plastic 6
Matte orange plastic 5
Matte white plastic. 5
Red pattern plastic 7
Yellow pattern plastic 7


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5 months ago | Edited 5 months ago


Looking good so far and perfect for a start and to learn. However, your vendor sells with too less Blue Pattern Plastic when bought as Voxel BP. BP tells it needs 15.20m3 Blue Pattern Plastic and your vendors gives only 14m3. Blueprint can of course not be placed this way. Needs to add more materials and update vendor

7 months ago


just bought one as i am expanding warp cell production and it is easier for me to do on this l core than expanding my modular hanger.
dispenser was playing silly telling me it was empty and wokka sorted it out fast .

7 months ago


cool idea!

wokka #4615
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