Ugly Swan

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The Ugly Swan is a medium ship and probably the largest ship I will make in Dual Universe working by myself. This is based on how long it took me to source all the parts (purchased and manufactured). I am please with how it performs as it does function as I intended however, this ship is a great example, of trying to put too much on any one ship and left me with a very small number of choices for arranging the times to fit properly.

The functions this ship fulfils are:
Warp capable carrier, capable of carrying one small ship on the landing pad and two xs ships in the landing bays on the sides. Though the xs bays do not fit a full size xs ship.
Territory scanner ship. Three territory scanners one on each corner.
One DSAT for homing in on Asteroids.
People transporter with a viewing area (Glass seating area) with a view of space / planet.
1G Atmospheric fight capable
Space flight capable.
Storage for resources though my really intention was to leave it in space while you shuttle back and forward in one of the docked ships. So the storage capacity is really meant to be on the docked ships.

I designed it to carry the Elemental with a full load and carry the xs ships along with the filing its own cargo hold (four times the Elemental's capacity). I have not stress tested this ship, due to time constraints, but I can confirm it can carry the Elemental with cargo in and out of the atmosphere (At least 3.5Kt of cargo).

Max speed is speed in space, the max atmospheric speed without burning up is 1000Km/h.

The atmo thrust and space thrust values are forward thrust only (I do have thrust in other directions).

Also it has four rocket engines because who does not like rocket engines.

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Dry Weight:

5,896 t

Cargo Space:

6,024 kL


Cargo Lift:

3,500 t

Max Speed:

20,000 km/h

Atmo Hover:

93.6 MN

Sustentation Speed:

4,230 km/h

Atmo Thrust:

108 MN

Atmo Brake:

290 MN

Wing Lift:

156 MN

Atmo Fuel:

246 kL


Space Thrust:

116.64 MN

Space Brake:

144 MN

Space Hover:

0 MN

Space Fuel:

143 kL

  • Core
    • M

  • Env
    • Atmosphere
    • Space
    • Ground

  • Role
    • Hauler
    • Courier
    • Carrier

  • Features
    • Scanner
    • Interior
    • Radar
    • Warp
    • Rockets
    • Shield
    • DSAT