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Voxel Sets


Dero Lavigne


Cargo Lift: 7,800 t

The BP is totally FREE, just reach me on Discords and pick it up. Best ship for beginners/intermedia players. "Miners best deal" 8 L containers full of Hematite (1228 kL) = 1,228,000 liters = 6.2 kilotons total ship mass = 7.83kt could be more because the ship has 25 Vertical Boosters + this U can add more Wings if U want to get Better sustentation speed with more L containers. Small AGG and Quick script (from 1km to 10km in less than 40 seconds) Inertia matrix almost perfect, even with full cargo (check the pics) https://youtu.be/XUpIMrd8kUg

Token: 1 ħ
BP: 1 ħ

Ship Building Service



No attributes :-(

We build up your ship-blueprint fast and uncomplicated (or production blueprint) for a small fee. Get an offer today! Contact Discord: the_duke#4119 Ingame: the_duke

Token: 1 ħ
BP: 1 ħ


Haskell Inc.


Max Speed: 828 km/h

The hull (only voxels) blueprint can be taken for free from those Sanctuary moon coordinates --> ::pos{0,26,-44.3454,106.2850,8.2177} Donations are welcome. Contact haskell#7249.

Token: 1 ħ
BP: 1 ħ




Cargo Lift: 310 t

This a ship for courier and hauler - The engine's features are with +25% talent in Atmo engine and Space Engine, if you will buy the BP, i will offer you the modification on your ship to help you to reach these features. This ship will be your main vehicule to explore or send cargo to your friend. Pay attention that i design my ships to have a low fuel consumption, you reach 500 km/h with 10 % of thrust on Alioth at 2500 m.... and just cruising !! - Of course, you could modify some details before i send you the BP... no flag or light for example. No hoover but you can reach 200 km/h of sustentation with playing thrust/brake ( 491 tons ) - With zero cargo, there is no problem. NO Token, just BP.

Token: 1 ħ
BP: 1.2 Mħ

Blue Mantis



Cargo Lift: 3,250 t

I wanted something without the interior frills that could haul @$$ and get in and out of Alioth with large loads. This thing pretty easily gets out of the atmosphere with about 3250t of cargo and could probably still get out and in closer to 4k (without AGG). Currently built with 4 large containers and warp. I can BP it with AGG and lua script as well and without warp. It uses T2 engines with the exception of the XL space engine. Everything else is military or maneuver. The goal when building this was to eliminate a few engines, maximize thrust, and balance fuel consumption. Made out of matte white carbon fiber and polished blue steel. Best way to reach me is via Discord. I attached multiple pictures with and without weight so you could see the stats.

Token: 25 ħ
BP: 3 ħ




Cargo Lift: 5.5 t

1 Month creation 10 L Cont = 3.37KL Anti Gravity script +

Token: 42 ħ

Shrimp Mount



Max Speed: 870 km/h

Now you, too, can be a man (or woman) riding a shrimp. The Shrimp Mount is an elegant ship for elegant riders. It is a compactable pocket rocket that will take you anywhere, even the afterlife. It's amazing! It comes with a databank, on which you can upload a piloting script. I spent an entire 30 minutes to make it, so it was quite a lengthy process. It even flies!! Contact JoeAndAHalf#3606 for more information.

Token: 75 Kħ

DMCo Swoop

Doodle Motor Company


Atmo Thrust: 0.18 MN

Inspired by the Swoops from Star Wars, the Doodle Swoop is a no frills, rocket across and hope not to kill yourself vehicle. You will be moving so fast that you will have to watch the gradients of hills so you don't spear into them. It is some of the best fun you can have at this price! Able to be compacted.

Token: 75 Kħ

Jet Mk6

Jet MK6


Max Speed: 900 km/h

Hello guys. Do you need a simple, cheap, fast and stable pocketable ship? You at right place. Currently I place my shop on Alioth Market 6 District platform. Can buy directly from the dispenser there. Max trust : 4.24g Brake force : 33g Fixed : Rear luminescent tail now shorten. More speed now Please be inform container in picture not included. I put there as decoration

Token: 85 Kħ

Rocket Chair

Oto Moto


Max Speed: 1,029 km/h

ROCKET CHAIR is a personal atmosferic craft capable of speeds of over 1029 in atmosphere. Lifting capacity of 1 person overloaded with a territory unit. Perfect if you crashed and need to cross 100km to fix it. AirBreaks 900 to 0 in 4 seconds. Sold on Alitoh District 10. Deploy and fly, fuel included! Contact me on Discord or ingame. Over 30 sold!!!

Token: 90 Kħ
BP: 1 ħ

Hyper Bike



No attributes :-(

A compactable Hyper Bike, hand designed and asymmetrical, gets speed up to 500/600 km/h but it can fly but it hovers better then flying, message me on discord if you want to buy one :D

Token: 100 Kħ




Max Speed: 1,350 km/h

The Javelin is a luxury speeder built to be *fast*. It's fully pocketable (although this could change some of the stats if you don't have the same placement skills I do). Custom LUA gives you auto-take-off and land and altitude hold. When you're ready to fly, press G to lift up into the air, and G again to gently lower the craft to the ground. Alt-1 engages/disengages auto-lock brakes. Alt-2 Sets & engages altitude hold at your current altitude. Available in 5 colours on request, this stylish luxury craft features a super lightweight Lithium build, as well as built-in headlights & engine trim. Sold fully built as a token, ready to fly away.

Token: 110 Kħ

TIE Pocket Atmo



Max Speed: 430 km/h

The most accurate to date replica of the TIE Fighter from Star wars in a XS core. It is built in such a way as to be as close as possible to the real scale while adding the "DU" dough and as details as possible. Real cockpit and accessible through a hatch at the top. Only with aluminum and plastic voxel. Sold with 400 l of fuel. Negative point : - Max speed 400 km/h - Piloting in 3rd person - Hover lift is medium if no pilot skill Positive point : - A replica faithful to the model - Good maneuverability in air - Good autonomy - Low price - Compactable - With radar All Star Wars fans should at least own one ! => More info if needed in English ou en Français. => Pics of perf is with pilote lvl 4 skills WARNING : NQ sucks with ingeniers talent, the BP dont keep the buffs sorry :( Shop here : Adresse : ::pos{0,26,-5.7328,51.1860,41.0680} POD VR : ATS ALTERANS

Token: 120 Kħ

LunX001 - Atmospheric Fighter Jet



Max Speed: 425 km/h

This jet named LunX001 is the first iteration of what will be the LunaX line of multi roll, atmosphere-focused jets. The LunX line of jets are jets designed to have striking similarities to real-world military aircraft. The LunX001 contains a single small vertical thruster which does not lift the jet off the ground, but makes it easier to take-off from the ground after reaching 80 km/h. This design allows the jet to travel underwater without being pushed up above the surface, which can be useful when operating on ocean bases as this ship was designed for. The jet travels at over 400 km/h in Alioth's atmosphere, and is capable of climbing directly up to 2000 meters . To propel the jet forward, it contains a small space engine, 2 small atmospheric engines, and 6 extra small atmospheric engines. The body of the plane is made up of 50 m3 of glossy black carbon fiber, which costs 80k to purchase on Alioth Market District 6. This makes up the majority of the jet's costs. The ship is located 15km East of District 6 market. The jet is being sold in token form for 125k. If you have ideas on how the next iteration in the LunX line of jets can be improved, please be sure to contact lunaprey in game!

Token: 125 Kħ

Pocket Rocket



Max Speed: 800 km/h

This is a super small and fast craft built for those who dont wish to use their larger ships to commute around the planet. Small enough to be stored aboard large ships built with a small core or larger. The pocket rocket can reach speeds up to 800+ KM/H and is well balanced. This craft is only being sold in Token form at this moment. BP may be an option in the future. to make an inquiry, please contact Kelbec#0001 in discord, or message Kelbec in game.

Token: 150 Kħ
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