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Space Thrust: 319 MN

Nautilus Freighter A Large Bio Mechanoid creature .Living and thriving in the Vastness of space . These Passive creatures are easily captured and fitted with armor plates . There Huge open interior body's fitted with large numbers of containers . Although Nautiloid are a Primarily a space organism its installed armor allows it to enter planet atmosphere's . Found to only be the 3rd Largest Bio Mechanoid in the New Verse with its fast growth rate and passive nature the Nautilus fills out a bulk of the Nemesis fleets . the Military versions packed with heavy armaments and a very thick shells Description WIP

BP: 30 Mħ

The Falcon



Cargo Space: 1,344 kL

Cargo ship made for mining asteroids comes without AGG standard has an EZ install room for one

BP: 45 Mħ

Destiny One

Loaded Industries (NEW LOCATION)


Cargo Lift: 3,000 t

Loaded Industries presents Destiny One medium hauler if your looking for a new stylish daily runner i hope we have you covered with this new original design by loaded, 3kt hauler with 6 large containers, fitted with all advanced engines, medium shield, warp drive etc everything you would expect, very easy to fly and very agile to move around, full interior design, blue print only no tokens as of yet, any question please message me on discord. stats shown are with lvl 5 talent buffs applied and some pilot skills, as i dont have a character with no skill at all no more, if you are a skilled pilot with pilot skills you will push 4kt of alioth you can view in VR search for loaded industries and you find the ship located on the open air showroom space with dispenser ::pos{0,2,37.6266,109.2195,-51.3445}

BP: 6 Mħ


Smilin' Bazzy's Used Shipyard


Space Thrust: 24.7 MN

Magnate is an exploration frigate of Royal Khanid shipyard designed for comfort and opulence to those who can aford it. Find out what it feels like to a be amarrian tyrant prowling subjudgated starsystem. Rub your starving vassals' nose in your outrageous wealth while they're surviving on pittance of 160K alioth missions. Make Helios great again.

BP: 5 Mħ

Rebellion Evo II adv. by Chewie and Hagbard



Cargo Lift: 1,000 t

The Rebellion EVO II is the next generation of the popular rebellion. Tokens available for the "T3 Advanced" version BP's are the same price with 6m Quanta. Token Prices: Rebellion EVO II Advanced 17.25M Quanta We tried to make the token prices really competitive. They should match the prices for the full parts at the markets (+BP Price), so unless you build your own parts and have good talents, you will probably not be able to buy it cheaper on the markets today. contact Hagbard#8837 on discord for a token. The dispensers are in the Alioth Marina at this location: ::pos{0,2,38.3028,62.7694,34.7477} Tokens will be made available asap. The Rebellion EVO II is a ship created by Hagbard and Chewie_1. It's predecessor was one of the most popular ships during Beta. It can be build without having to invest a fortune and is an ideal ship for new and experienced pilots. The ship technology and Lua was done by Hagbard with efficiency and performance in mind The great High Quality Voxelwork was done by Chewie_1. It included a warp drive, 2x uncommon or advanced Atmo engines, 2x uncommon or advanced Space engines. Free Boost to my placement skills if you visit Hagbard on Alioth. - Atmo/Space/Warp capable - 300-1000 tons of cargo depending on pilot and placement talents - fast, light and designed to be as efficient and easy to fly as possible - Features Hagbard's flight control script with brake assistant Alt hold and tons of other useful features Important Note: The Lua on this ship was designed for Input Scheme Keyboard and any Mouse controlled input scheme is NOT supported! ==== Some features for the included HUD ==== - Full Autolevel in space and Atmo -- In Space choose to autloevel based on nearest planet gravity or choose your own "reference" by pressing a key combination and keep the current leveling -- when entering the pilot seat in space, the current orientation will automatically be used for autoleveling - Altitude Hold/Orbit Hold seamless transition from alt Hold to orbit Hold just by changing target Altitude -- Fully Automatic re-entry from space to atmo - Adaptive engine thrust. By default fly with ultra fuel efficient Maneuver engine and hovers. When needed (or manually activated), additional military engine and vertical boosters will be activated automatically - Collision avoidance -- when in AltHold and ground is detected, target Alt will be adjusted automatically -- when falling towards ground and descend speed is too high in the last 100m, brakes and vertical boosters will be used automatically to slow down descend speed - Can be "flown" underwater. - Speed Limiter saves you from heat damage automatically - can be flown by using A/D,W/S and throttle controls only. The ship will control the roll axis (Q/E keys) automatically to avoid sideways drift and allow smooth cornering - Non obtrusive HUD avoids visual on-screen clutter -- optionally press Shift Alt 4 to display all HUD Widgets when needed - Vertical Boosters present but will not consume any space fuel in low load situations, Boosters will be activated automatically when high descend speeds are detected near ground - Display of brake distance to make your space travel easier The rebellion was build to make it up-gradable. - The 4 main engines can be exchanged with higher tier variants easily. Just make sure that those engines which should be "off" by default get an engine tag "2nd" == Waypoint Mgmt System == The Rebellion 1f has >120 built in waypoints included in the Lua. Press Alt & Cursor Up/Down to access the Waypoint selection The wapoints are organized in groups. Skip to the next group using Alt & Cursor-Left to go one group forward or Shift additionally for backwards. == Using custom Waypoints == you can create a small Lua file on your PC to define your own wapyoints in the HUD. The file has to be placed in <Dual Universe Install Dir>\game\data\lua\ Filename has to be poilist.lua Here is the a sample file content: -=-=-=-= cut here =-=-=-=- local poilist = { version = "Poilist 1" } MaxRotatingWaypoints=3 function poilist.loadLocations() p = {{}} p[1] = {"DCA","Marina Hagbard He", "::pos{0,2,38.3979,62.9920,62.5495}"} p[#p+1] = {"DCA","Alioth Market 6", "::pos{0,2,36.0044,101.3503,220.0897}"} p[#p+1] = {"DCA","Haven tile near M20", "::pos{0,27,-24.1271,63.9619,64.4522}"} return p end return poilist -=-=-=-= cut here =-=-=-=- Use that as a template to create your own POI list. Fell free to add more POIs as needed. The parameter Order is: "group","Name","POSstring" The display name in the UI will be "Group"-"Name"

Token: 17.25 Mħ
BP: 6 Mħ

LSA Skydancer Podracer - Model A



Atmo Thrust: 1.12 MN

*SPECIAL PROMOTION - one free podracer blueprint per visitor. An original pocket podracer from Beta, this model uses basic engines all around and is ready for easy upgrade to higher tier engines. Fast, agile, as the name suggests, can dance through the sky (or reconfigure with reduced lift and see how this does on the ground tracks!) Uses an M size fuel tank, if too heavy to pocket reduce onboard fuel to about 70% or until under 20t. ***DISPENSER LOCATION**** Located inside main tatooine trade hub at LSA Industries HQ on Alioth

BP: 1 ħ


Southern Cross High Guard


No attributes :-(

Inspired by the Star Wars Venator Class Star Destroyer. with AGG and 20 large Containers and a Large Shield. This space only freighter will deliver in style. Not currently optimized but wouldn't take much brake or adjuster additions to suit your weight requirements. Sold as a BP on request. DM me in Discord to get a copy or arrange an inspection in VR or in person.

Token: 1 ħ
BP: 20 Mħ

Mantis 3 two seater (PvP)



Space Thrust: 25.4 MN

Due to the construction and choice of elements, the Mantis 3 two seater is the optimal PvP ship for two or small group actions! But the Mantis 3 can also shine in bigger fights and doesn't need to hide here. The Mantis 3 Token will delivered completely tuned, fully fueled and ammoed up. You don't have to worry about anything! - 590 k CCS Capacity (40 m³ Mangalloy Honeycomb) - 35 m² Frontal cross section (Heavily focuses on keeping the front/rear as small as it can be. By facing the narrowest side to the enemy you can greatly reduce incoming DPS.) - 18.4 g max thrust - 29.2 g brake force - 44 878 km/h max speed - 6 Rare Precision Cannon S - 4 Rare Precision Railgun S - 4 Rare Freight Space Engine L - Rocket Engine S (Only use the rocket to temporarily increase max speed) - Rare Capacitor Shield Generator M - 2 Rare Phased-Array Space Radar S - Dead's PvP Script Suite (version 4.1.10) The token will fully supplied with the following components: - Max. Fuel - 1 Dynamic Core XS - 50 Vanadium Scrap, 50 Sulfur Scrap and 300 Silicon Scrap - 1600 Cannon Heavy Ammo (800 Thermic/800 Kinetic) - 800 Railgun Heavy Ammo (400 Antimatter/400 Electromagnetic) Also check out the Mantis 2 as a single seater version: https://du-creators.org/makers/Garegon/ship/Mantis%202%20single%20seater%20%28PvP%29 BP dispenser located on Alioth at - ::pos{0,2,20.3521,99.5788,18.0258}

Token: 19 Mħ
BP: 1 Mħ

Dot Zenith

Dot Hack


Space Thrust: 5.63 MN

Zenith is a low cost warp ship, that is able to pick up some cargo with its 10 small containers. Zenith is also over engineered with space / atmo brakes, so you will have the extra safety when needed.

BP: 4 Mħ

DMC DeLorean (Back 2 The Future)



Max Speed: 1,500 km/h

I don't think this needs any introduction, it's DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future movie! it's XS core pocket rocket. I have 2 different versions, one is original and purely for art, while V3 is performance build, it has more wings and 2x S engines instead of 6x xs. pilot + passenger seat 450-800km/h at sea level (depending on talents) V3 has very good handling and agility, while original art version doesn't fly well. Also you can't pocket the original version, because it has 6x engines. You will get both versions with one purchase.

BP: 300 Kħ

Razor Crest for Sam

Lady Grace


No attributes :-(

A loose copy of the Star Wars Razor Crest, being made for a friend. Not yet priced, fully specced, or ready for production. Currently being built, bit on the heavy side now, the plan is to make a carbon fibre version that flies better.





Space Thrust: 15.5 MN

A spaceship for ride into the PVP zone and digging asteroids. Can drive away the opponent. Can protect itself from a single pirate. A ship with pumped fuel tanks and guns. One of the features of the ship is that you can get to the pilot's seat from the interior. When exiting the cockpit, in this case you get inside the ship, from where the landing in the cockpit was performed. The main chair is the - "Gunner", where the screen is located. With it, the control of the ship in solo and the ability to shoot. Speed 44k, with full tanks Type in VR "Tachi" and come to our store!

Token: 15 Kħ
BP: 2.5 Mħ


The 16t Experience


Space Thrust: 117 MN

I designed it to do larger shoping trips, move Ore or Buildingparts after salvaging a abandon Base. It has got a Warpdrive, 10 L Containers and a old RV like furnishing. As with all of our Ship´s, i can boost it to max. stats.

BP: 5 Mħ

TYR Basilisk (legacy)



Space Thrust: 37.6 MN

Strap into this special ship that is equipped for a unique 1st-person experience. Beautiful curves meet stunning design and come packed with a powerhouse of Lua. This luxury ship is sure to turn heads and make you stand out from the crowd. Currently on display at Loaded Industries (VR: loaded industries showroom in the NW corner.) Features: 1st Person Cockpit Screen HUD Payload Assist Rocket Boosters Airlock Logic Luxury Living Space Ample Cargo Space (3L Containers) Warp Capable Lua: Tyr Exclusive Screen HUD Tyr Exclusive Cargo Report Tyr Exclusive Fuel Screen Working Stove Animations Damage Meter Shield Control Player Logger DU Atlas Warp Calculator Art Rotator This capable flier comes standard with all rare engines and can enter Alioth with nearly 6kT and leave with over 3kT. Recolors available starting at 10M. Check out the gold version (VR: The Golden Basilisk).

BP: 10 Mħ


Dumboiz United


Cargo Lift: 8,000 t

The DBI SPLASH (Space Capable Light Atmospheric Scanning Hauler) is an efficient scanning vessel for those players looking to get in to scanning. This Small Core ship comes equipped with a single Basic Container Large and enough power to move it when fully loaded. As a Space-capable model of the LASH-1, the SPLASH is well equipped to efficiently scan across the Helios system. Scan tiles, harvest surface ore to pass the time, and move along to the next scan site. Even if you don't find that T3 ore site, you won't be coming back empty handed! If you're not scanning, the single large container allows you to utilize the ship as a handy market runner or flower harvester! (Listed stats utilize t4/5 talents for handling AND piloting -- message isyron#4015 for stats for a 0-piloting skill player)

Token: 8 Mħ
BP: 1.5 Mħ
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