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PX70 Aznable Tiger



Cargo Lift: 3,000 t

"Three times faster" WIP Hypermaneuver Prototype from Seawing Hypersonics. The sequel to the X50 Tiger. Built with basic parts, lv5 placements(some 3's) and lv 4-5 piloting talents.



Golden Oak Industries


Space Thrust: 0.294 MN

XS CORE Novelty Transport Ship ∙ 1 M Basic Atmos Engine ∙ 2 SM Basic Space Engine ∙ 40.7k CCS ∙ 13.9 Tonnes ∙ 4.78g/2.15g A/S Thrust ∙ 15.5g/6.19g A/S Brake Force ∙ 1,285 km/h/49,819 km/h Max Speed ∙ 6.44g/5.18g L/H Lift ∙ VERY Agile Flyer in Atmosphere

BP: 125 Kħ

Eagle 5 Winnebago



Space Thrust: 1.3 MN

The Winnebago flown by Lone Starr and Barf in the 1987 Mel Brooks movie "Spaceballs". 5 seats (incl. pilot and navigator) Comes with telescreen! Get your blueprint at: ::pos{0,27,-9.9734,-8.6511,123.9643}

BP: 750 Kħ




Max Speed: 950 km/h

Fast and small compactable atmosphaire surfboard. Ideal for short trips or sighseeing (also with 2 people). Max Speed: 950 km/h Weight: 1,2 t Visit me via VR Station "Apache Ship Shop" or directly via coordinates ::pos{0,2,2.8112,93.7150,29.7494}

BP: 100 Kħ




No attributes :-(

Raven is capable of 6Kt of Alioth and warp drive. VR to "Stingrays Haulers" or come by at ::pos{0,2,24.5641,69.9976,100.9678}

BP: 4 Mħ

TIE Bomber 1.2kt Hauler

DU Creators


Cargo Lift: 1,200 t

This easy to use go-to 1kt hauler is an improvement on previous versions. This is the most effective small scale hauler I could make, basically 2 large rare military atmo engine housings with foils. On request I can offer lesser engine versions. Meticulous element placement and trial and error have resulted in a very responsive and reliable hybrid that launches steeply out of 1g hauling 1.2 kilotons with mid-range skills. See the dissection pic in the gallery for interior element placement. We offer free skill application on constructs. The entire left pontoon is just a large container. It is designed around crash safety; overpowered vertical boosters, an emergency control unit and several large and excessive atmo brakes mean you can stop a dead-drop quickly. Pilot enters via an elevator on the back rear to a claustrophobic spot in the right tube's front where fuel tanks are accessible, with the warp drive installed behind. AVAILABLE VIA DISPENSER FROM THE STAR WARS STATION OVER ALIOTH MARKET 6 Location: About 0.9 su above Alioth Market 6, a bit North. If I'm online I can hop down to pass them to you on the surface. VR: "Star Wars Station" Coords: ::pos{0,2,39.4131,97.6308,193235.8438} Message Deravi#6100 on Discord with questions. DU Creators customization guarantee: If you customize your ship in a way you prefer we will surrogate in to make you a backup BP lest anything happen to your work.

BP: 6 Mħ


SNS Sentinels


Space Thrust: 25.9 MN

Hoping to help many groups understand the current PVP meta, 2 model avalaible: Uncommon engines, advanced shield and weapons Advanced engines, rare shield and weapons Full fuel/ammo/core/scrap/pilot skills for rare model: Max thrust: 18.1g Brake force: 27.8g 35.7 Min autonomy 44 707 kmh 6 Rare precision cannon S 2 Ammo containers s 4 Advanced freight L space engine 2 Space Fueltank M 1 Rare Shield M 1 Container S 35m² frontal cross section (without DSAT) 171m² vertical cross section 143m² lateral cross section 116 m3 carbon Fiber Full buff 5/5 (elements/weapons) if you ask for a rebuff PVP handling are banned from BP by NQ so contact us for a rebuff after leaving your ship on our Visitor Pad on Moon4. Keep in mind that we rebuff for free and it can take some time (because of IRL stuff or PVP operations on other planets) Script Gunner seat notice: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cSQkSSAF9uWJlkzI4InmXUa0Y7kxLNY8TGZog1WNqfE/edit?usp=sharing Script Pilot seat/Remote notice: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Cf6czjL98jh5tKJIHg0iRNGys7txacB_O7_gIOdW290/edit?usp=sharing Script homemade pilot/gunner (for any problems contact Aranol#4393)

BP: 600 Kħ

Height Worker



No attributes :-(

A simple height worker that takes you up. Handy to: - Reach the top of your sky rise buildings - Bring your friends and your friends from the ground to your AGG ship - Recover your ships after you crashed them into a space tower - Take nice aerial pictures of your creations How To Buy: - Contact me on discord: taishiryu#6188

Token: 200 Kħ
BP: 100 Kħ




Cargo Lift: 3,000 t

DIA's iconic flagship - now with L Shield Generator and Advanced Engines! A heavy-weight AGG & Warp Freighter, this is a no holds barred transporter, for those titans of industry who have the goal of dominating any market they call to. Rated for an extraordinary base 3000T (1.0g) this ship will carry all your cargo, and the factory industries needed to make it all again, to the furthest corners of our system. With its stunning panoramic viewing balcony for your passengers, this is a vessel for those that brook no compromise in market force application. All stats are given with no placement and day 1 pilot talents - stats will only improve with talent training.

BP: 5 Mħ

Mj _ Lightning



Space Thrust: 1 MN

A Spaceplane capable of light cargo, usable for scenic, high piloting skill interplanetary transits. Very aerodynamic, fun to fly, wings made using the sum of natural numbers up to N ;D. Notes: -Not capable of braking in space, without using rocket fuel in retrograde -All stats listed are without talents. -Atmospheric statistics are listed for just atmospheric engines, while space statistics are purely with rockets.

BP: 3 Mħ

SWG Bazaar/Bank - 3 Styles



No attributes :-(

Original style bazaar/bank from SWG. Has 4 dispensers behind each of the 'bazaar' screens and a central medium container makes for useful storage. Part of the optional dynamic pieces for Tatooine Trading Post Hub/ City Builder Voxel Set. *Blueprints can be purchased from on-display bazaar. 3 Versions available, Bazaar screen image link: assets.prod.novaquark.com/54643/0518b7fd-bb9e-485e-a806-078a0e071074.jpg *Center medium container is placed below the floor line so when placing bazaar recommend temporarily relocate container to get a clean level placement for the floor

BP: 350 Kħ

SWG Guild Hall Tatooine-themed



No attributes :-(

This is a FLYING GUILD HALL. For any fans of SWG, player housing stood out even to this day as an amazing system from the technical programming side to the completely unique way players utilized it- so much fun for bringing people together or even being the envy of the server for having the largest, shiniest, most visited, etc. That spirit is very much alive in DU and one of the reasons I felt inspired to bring back a taste of the 'feel-good' content from gaming over the years. This high-accuracy recreation has enhanced use you wish you had 20 years ago, namely, it FLIES now! Create your most fancy halls once again and bring them along where-ever your adventures take you! FEATURES: -Large open spaces perfect for countless uses, make a vendor mall, make a lounge bar, make anything! -5 Large Sub-level rooms: great for storage, bedrooms, trophy-sets, art galleries, etc -2 Side rooms with extra storage room/ staircases to top pad -Top landing pad fits full S-core ships -Full art gallery of hand-picked screenshots featured by Sony Online Entertainment. -2 Moisture Vaporators to help you stay moist! -Plenty of power and lift if you want to use for common casual hauling. (6 Large Atmo Engines, 4 Large Space) **VERSIONS- This isn't the true TATOOINE guild hall, this is just a tribute. During beta I made the Generic and Naboo versions, then a Sith, then this one. It was easier to just add the mounds on top for my take on this style using the traditional hall. Most fans will remember in SWG there were 4 models for Generic, Naboo, Corellia, and Tatooine but Tatooine had a uniquely different model from the rest. Perhaps I'll get around to making that one too, one day... *Reminder: as with all flying buildings by LSA, these models can be 'buried' or snuggly fit into other static builds and effectively used nearly the same. There are no current plans to copy guild halls to static cores.

BP: 2 Mħ

Panamax XLH



Cargo Space: 614 kL

Need to take a load to space and fast? This will do it. Need to reconfigure for different containers? This is the ship for you! Almost complete! Come take a look. Give your input in what you might like to see in it.

BP: 2 Mħ

Broinn Mk. II



Atmo Thrust: 2.33 MN

Improved version for full release of Dual Universe. Very powerful compactible ship. Even with basic engines, power to weight ratio is insane! Stylish and easy to recolour Features: * Compactible * 3 Atmospheric Engines M * Reskin kit BP with each purchase Enigne positions if you want to swap them: Left: -18, -1.5, 5.5 Centre: 0, -5, -1.5 Right: 18, -1.5, 5.5

BP: 500 Kħ


Dark Forges


Cargo Space: 25,600 kL

The Thelimeo. Terrans civilian flaggship for transport of goods. The Thelimeo is a Ymir class ship, outfitted with 200 L containers. Yes, you read that right. With this capacity you will nerver need another hauler. It has a a landing platform on the outside of the ship for quick loand/offload of goods, and a hangar were you can have smaller ships docked. This ship make it prefect to use as a mobile base of operations, park it in space near a planet, and you can use smaller ships for the transport offworld if needed to save fuel. And once the ship are full. Yoch can head back with millions of quanta worth of goods

BP: 20 Mħ
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