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Destiny One

Loaded Industries


Cargo Lift: 3,000 t

Loaded Industries presents Destiny One medium hauler if your looking for a new stylish daily runner i hope we have you covered with this new original design by loaded, 3kt hauler with 6 large containers, fitted with all advanced engines, medium shield, warp drive etc everything you would expect, very easy to fly and very agile to move around, full interior design, blue print only no tokens as of yet, any question please message me on discord. stats shown are with lvl 5 talent buffs applied and some pilot skills, as i dont have a character with no skill at all no more, if you are a skilled pilot with pilot skills you will push 4kt of alioth you can view in VR search for loaded industries and you find the ship located on the open air showroom space with dispenser ::pos{0,2,37.6266,109.2195,-51.3445}

BP: 6 Mħ

ELXR Manta S

Elixir Engineering


Space Thrust: 2.02 MN

Presenting the first ship I feel okay selling...the ELXR Manta S! A sleek, fashionable, little S-core warp shuttle/transport. Uses 6-7 cells to Madis and Thades, this ship takes inspiration from the majestic Manta Ray and other stingrays of the oceans on our original home - Earth. I will be selling ships I've made along my journey of learning more and more voxelmancy, this one utilizes some nice smooth lines that I learned from an org member. The interior contains a few screens currently with nothing on them. I am hoping to learn some LUA, but for now, they are blank so you may put whatever you want on them. Please message me on Discord for now as I setup my shop, thank you! Discord: eevielixir#3317 GIF of lights in action: https://media.giphy.com/media/RqOkwkocUVISPYG1IL/giphy.gif

BP: 1 Mħ

Giedi Prime I



Cargo Lift: 1,000 t

fridaywitch, using her summoning circle, has found a way to pull ships from other galaxies and dimensions! Giedi Prime I 2.5 million for a blueprint 16 million for a token Giedi Prime S Add an additional 2.5 million for autopilot, featuring SAGA's Autopilot HUD. For her first finding, we bring you Giedi Prime. An imposing image of darkened aluminum, precision cut for a sleek look, this ship seems likely to have been used as a daily driver in another dimension. It seems to be quite well-rounded in performance and has two small drones to help with ship maneuvering. Around 200kL of storage, eight large engines (4 atmo, 4 space), and warp drive, this ship seems to be able to handle any job that's under 1-1.5 kilotons depending on talents and skills. Coming in at a dry weight of under 500 tons, it warps pretty inexpensively considering its size and power. Military atmospheric engines help you punch out of Alioth's grasp with ease, and the Safe space engines firing on twice as fast as maneuvers will make you feel like you're hitting the NOS in space. Giedi Prime has a little bit of space for some cozy living quarters, but it comes unfurnished as each person's needs differ and the alien world this came from is definitely not anything like ours here in the Helios system. The ship is on display at the Kosmos Showroom (you can VR there), and the blueprints are available there as well as at the Alioth Exchange in the green hall (just look for the giant tree!). If you're interested in a token, please contact fridaywitch#7850 on Discord or DM her in game at fridayxwitch. All blueprints and tokens are FULLY BUFFED to level 5 maximum on everything!

Token: 16 Mħ
BP: 2.5 Mħ

Gnome by Vanherck

Wicked Wonderland


Space Thrust: 1.97 MN

Gnome by Vanherck Searing across the virgin skies of the newly colonized Helios system, the Gnome cuts a unique profile. Reminiscent of some old earth crustacean dragged from the seabed, many have asked Chief engineer Vanherck if this ship is called the Shrimp, gremlin or baby yoda? To all queries he has simply replied "no!, this gnome!" Whatever it is called this ship will be the back bone of you colonization effort. With every element available as standard on the market it's a ship that is accessible to every player. Apart from is distinctive beauty, it is a reliable light hauler, early mission runner, or asteroid hunter. It's even a great interplanetary shuttle. Versatile and accessible is the name of the game here (with an admittedly shallow ascending angle). The gnome can lift 60t off alioth. It can bring back 100t from space gliding down. It sports 41kl of cargo space and comes standard with two pilot seats; with one preloaded with albatross HUD. As you progress through your colonists career, that cargo space can be replaced with a warp drive, transforming the gnome into an exceptional warp shuttle. So why wait, nows your chance to graduate beyond your starter ships and to take a serious turn into conquering the Helios system. Fly Wicked and pick one up from Wicked Wonderland today. Visit our budding show room near Alioth Market 3 at ::pos{0,2,34.7992,86.1957,231.5103} or browse our discord at https://discord.gg/wGzhV45KWz

BP: 150 Kħ


Blackbriar Mercenary Inc


No attributes :-(

Hydra by master shipwright 'Furious' of 'Final Space Industries' is one of the most used and famous PVP ships of Beta, a PVP multi weapon platform that can be outfitted for whatever situation comes your way. Space only with plenty of braking power, its a PVP Gunship, great for newer players looking to get into PVP. Comes in 3 different loadouts -8 Rail Guns (long range) -4 Missiles + 8 Lasers (medium range) -4 Missiles + 8 Cannons (close range) 2-4 person to crew for mission sorties, 10 L containers, 4 XL Ammo containers, 8 XL space engines, T2 Armor, hidden res nodes, Gunner + Remote piloting capable. One of the cheaper warp response type ships in that its around 200 Warpcells to go to any planet

BP: 4 Mħ




Cargo Lift: 1.8 t

Star Wars Inspired Build. Vigil-Class Corvette Produced by Kuat Drive Yards for the Imperial Navy, the Vigil class was considered the smallest vessel in the iconic Star Destroyer line of ships. Though in DU she is a hauler class ship. She can be converted with weapons. She come with 6 Container L's, 6 Advanced Atmo Military Engines, 1 Uncommon Space Maneuvering Engine XL, Warp drive and XS Shields. Easy accessible areas to repair damaged components. Vigil is boosted with 4,5 talents. I have personally gotten a Very Large Package off of Alioth so i know she can do those missions. I hope you enjoy this ship as much as i have enjoyed building her. Also the enterence to ship has a restriction access script installed to keep all those unwanted people out. VR: Obsidian Dragon Showroom

BP: 2.5 Mħ


SNS Sentinels


Cargo Lift: 4,000 t

Build by Ch3w8a (Shenluan#8552) Big brother of our H1500, this S core is designed for very high performance. Perfect for missions or just transporting resources, it's the perfect daily ship. 4kt out of Alioth with ~lvl3 pilot skills and our actual handling skills (screens on our chan on ducreator discord) 10 Containers L Radar space/atmo Slot for WarpDrive Large autonomy Ready for the brake update (brake are placed for dodge any obstruction if NQ decide to add their patch)

BP: 4 Mħ




Space Thrust: 71 MN

UPDATE: I have just upgraded the ship to latest specs compatible with the released game. Also upgraded most rooms, like the lounge and crew cabins etc. There is now even a Space Café on the ship :) ILLYRIA is my Flagship - The ship weighs several thousand ton, is ca. 128m long and has a cargo capacity of over 1 million liters. It also has 2 XL Space Engines + 2 Medium Space Engines for a total thrust of over 50 Million Newtons. Further, it has 14 Large Atmospheric Engines with 70+ Million N thrust. There is an Emergency Control Unit on the ship and in case you get killed, a resurrection pod is there as well. All critical elements are shielded by several layers of hardened steel. High End Elements include a large Warp Drive and the Anti-Gravity Generator. Illyria is primarily a Capital Cargo Ship - but I could not leave her completely defenseless, therefore I also put 2 Large Railguns on it. Space Radar is also included. Creature Comfort comes in the form of 10 Crew Cabins, with all furniture, Captain's Quarters, and 2 Forward - the R&R area - the largest interior area on the ship. There is also a Hydroponics Bay - for those long travels when you need to be able to grow your own vegetables :) The hull is made of polished stainless steel, glossy iron, glossy copper, and more metals with double and triple layers. And the ship even has a docking / landing pad on top for smaller vehicles! Watch the Hi-Speed Building Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=br1huSnGwJE

BP: 10 Mħ


Broken Skull Ship Shop


Space Thrust: 93.9 MN

All Tokens will be based on current market prices For Tokens Msg AtrusKage #8484 on Discord At Broken Skull we make ships for effective use not needless elements. To that end we present the Delios a space only asteroid hunter like no other. A unique design, weighting under a kiloton, crafted over time left only with the simplest of needs to get the job done. 4 large containers with room for more storage if needed and the ability for allies to aid in the task. A DSAT ready to tack all asteroids to be drained. 4 large advanced military and 4 large uncommon military engines with a single XL uncommon to speed her along at 13g without effort, and nearly 20g of brake force to lock her down on target. The Delios is not a luxury ship nor filled with frills she is built to last and fly true to get the job done. VR to BSSS ShipYard

BP: 5 Mħ




Cargo Lift: 500 t

The Grindylow, by Stormsteel, is a super efficient light hauler. With no piloting skills, this ship can get 500 tons off of Alioth. The Grindylow is extremely fuel efficient, and can run the Aileron Parts mission at least 10 times on a single fuel fill. The handling in atmo is top notch and the ship is capable of gliding on its wings with little to no thrust even with weight on board. The Grindylow comes with Albatross HUD installed on the seat, and Damage Report hooked up to the two screens on the bridge. Most elements of the ship are repairable from the inside. The Grindylow includes a Resurrection Node towards the back of the ship. Stormsteel Guarantee: All Stormsteel ships come with max boosts to all piloting elements. When you buy a Stormsteel ship, you can always bring it back for updated Boosts if you add or move elements around and need them re boosted. VR to "Stormhold" to see the Grindylow in person. Blueprints can be purchased via Dispenser at ::pos{0,2,51.3456,99.1264,-0.0000} - BPs can also be delivered to you at any of the District Markets (especially 6). Tokens are available! Please contact Stormsteel#9179 on Discord to place a token order. With the volatile Market, the price may change from the listed one. This may mean you pay less.

Token: 3.5 Mħ
BP: 1.5 Mħ

Phase 1

Space Force One


Cargo Space: 192 kL

Ask me about tokens, market prices keep fluctuating! Phase 1 is a S core 1 L container Hauler. It is meant to be a quick hauling ship and it is basic for that reason. It has a top speed of 44,308km/h and can attain that speed in 2SU. Great for getting out to asteroids or for going and salvaging wrecks. Come see us at ::pos{0,0,-313293.9187,978937.8481,-453302.0252} OR Visit us in VR, Search for "SF1 Showroom" I will place the ship for you if you bring me the parts and the blueprint. I have level 4 placement skills in everything and 5 in a few. I will be at full 5's in February. Feel free to stop back by for handling increases!

BP: 1 Mħ




No attributes :-(

“BULLDOG" **Modular Hauler** **FREE BPS included!!** MODULAR HAULING in style. Tired of flying boxes that are slow and sluggish. This baby is for you. I chopped up and expanded one of my favorite ships and added a WARP. This Lil Beast snatched up 3.28 KT Total and went to space at 60 Degree incline. Ship didn't flinch and had the numbers for more. Ship is using Custom Arch Hud TOKEN** comes with LVL 5 ENGINE, BRAKES, WINGS/ LVL 5 ELEMENTS. ** WILL INCLUDE ** 2x MODULAR CARGO L CONTAINER BP. Additional BPs for 100K 1x MODULAR CARGO x2 L CONTAINERS BP. Additional BPs for 200K 1x MODULAR TERRITORY SCANNER BP. Additional BPs for 200K **FREE BPS** Deaths Mercy (Pocket Ship!) 1M Value Deaths Embrace (Speed Variant!) 1.5M Value Come grab ya one. VR Station name "BoonDock Customs Ship Sales" ::pos{0,2,48.2297,114.5121,0.0000} IGN: xSKeeVx OR Discord: Skeev#3940 IGN: Bananer OR Discord: Bananer#0773 (SHOP PARTNER) Contact me for possible trades in partial payment. Willing to Barter ORE's, Component's OR Quanta.

Token: 20 Mħ
BP: 12 Mħ

Silver Bee



Cargo Lift: 35 t

Silver Bee is the ship I made to run around in PVP space (its the ship I can loose) its not really finished as it needs some balancing however, we are at the end of Beta and I'll probably make an xs ship variant instead of finishing this ship off. Despite not being finished it is quite a fast ship able to exceed 40,000Kmph in space, in the atmosphere it can reach speeds of up to 1050 Kmph without burning up in the atmosphere (Angle dependant). This is also the second revision of the ship as it started out looking more like a normal plane before I decided to make it look more like a Bee, though my voxel skills are not really up to the task.


Spaceboys burger cargo (mission)



Cargo Lift: 1,200 t

VR: Spaceboys beach club HQ Kormolos#2468 (discord) mission hauling !!! BP for sale in SB coin too SPACEBOYS studios present the BURGER starter cargo !!! can fly with 1.200t. 6 container L - 18 passengers seats - 10 VR station + VR pod + VR res - 2 large fuel tank atmo + 1 large fuel tank space - 8 rockets S for low skill pilot - many LUA installed + LUA assistance discord - CORE S and landing pad on the roof for anchor a XS ship. this ship is awesome for start good mining or some transport. it s in plastic so not heavy !!!.

BP: 240 Kħ

The Spike

Promethean Guard


Cargo Lift: 7,000 t

The Spike, a collaborative effort between master voxelmancer TonyTones and iNFiDeL Inc's interior design team, is a VTOL Market Runner with style! Tired of heading to market with nearly zero space to land and worrisome debris everywhere? So were we, and that is why The Spike is built for you the trader! With both AGG to completely disregard parking, and a extremely low profile landing area quit wasting your time traders! Move on to the next market worry free when you launch vertically into the sky VTOL style. VR is PMG SHOWROOM (MOON4), don't buy in VR

Token: 50 Mħ
BP: 12 Mħ
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