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Baby Shark

Dragons Forge


Max Speed: 515 km/h

Do DO Be DO ! (Lasor not included! I'm not Evil) That's Dr not Evil thank you ....

BP: 500 Kħ

Pincer v2

Darkstar Division


Cargo Lift: 600 t

Name: Pincer v2 Type:Atmo Hauler, Space Capable Engines: 6 L-Atmo, 2 S-Space, 2 L-Manuever Space Weight:450T Core: Small Storage: 2 Large (easily stack more on top for your bulkier loads) Fuel: 4 M-Atmo, 3 M-Space Approx Weight Limit: 600T Seats: 3 (room for more!) Unique design and flies a lot like a jet. Mining lights in the center turn on when you land so you'll never lose your mining shaft! Please feel free to Jump in a Surrogate Station to our Darkstar Division location and check out all ships in person. Contact Dr. Dehydration#3852 with any questions.

Token: 9 Mħ
BP: 3 Mħ




Space Thrust: 1.82 MN

--- FR --- Le Magicobus, premier produit commercialisé par la GoloCorp est un véhicule de transport personnel et de saut à distorsion optimisé. Sa conception ultra optimisée et profilée lui permet d'avoir un coup en cellule de distorsion minimal (4 cellules à vide pour faire Thades>Alioth). De plus il a comme avantage d'être équipé d'un coffre de 4 conteneurs S pour un total de 36kl ainsi qu'un conteneur dédié aux cellules de Warp pouvant contenir jusqu'à 70 cellules. Parfaitement à l'aise en atmosphère mais également en faible atmosphère (conçu et optimisé sur Thades). Il a également une bonne résistance aux maladresses de pilotage, testé et approuvé par notre équipe de Mongolo ! Prix token : 5 millions l'unité. Prix à négocier si commande groupé. Livraison négociable en fonction de la commande. Contact FR : Terada#2763 --- ENG --- The Magicobus, the first product marketed by GoloCorp, is a personal transport and warp jump vehicle. Its ultra-optimised and streamlined design allows it to have a minimal distortion cell count (4 cells to make Thades>Alioth). Moreover it has the advantage of being equipped with a trunk of 4 containers S for a total of 36kl as well as a container dedicated to Warp cells that can hold up to 70 cells. Perfectly at ease in atmosphere but also in low atmosphere (designed and optimised on Thades). It also has a good resistance to piloting clumsiness, tested and approved by our Mongolo team! Token price: 5 million per unit. Price to be negotiated if grouped order. Delivery negotiable depending on the order. Contact ENG : HARY Sébastien#7037

Token: 5 Mħ
BP: 20 Mħ

Can Scan (Fastest Passive Scanner)

iNFiDeL Inc.


No attributes :-(

**Check Out Our New Can Scan Max!** https://du-creators.org/makers/iNFiDeL%20Inc./ship/Can%20Scan%20Max Hundreds of devoted development hours and thousands upon thousands of scans have allowed us here at iNFiDeL Inc. to develop the fastest and most efficient passive triple scanner in DU. With an emphasis on speed and maneuverability, you can finish one triple scan and already be scanning another site in less than 1 minute as seen in this youtube speed test! https://youtu.be/s-_O5RHlkDs Quit wasting time between scans, whether you are watching movies, studying or playing other games while scanning, no one likes to waste time, its your most valuable resource so spend it wisely. The Can Scan utilizes Advanced Maneuver engines, elevators, carefully placed scanners and widely spaced pods to streamline the scanning process. Enough with the maneuver tooling and sprinting from scanner to scanner, get your Can Scan today! ** Don't scan while working or studying? No worries for a more active scanning option be sure to check out our friends in SLI's Hammerhead Logistics Platform, arguably the best multi triple scan option in the game!** Check It Out Today! VR: Atlas Museum ::pos{0,2,49.8920,29.9000,4.3693} BP Sold Via Dispenser On Site / For Tokens DM: iNFiDeL#7187 ***NOTICE*** To Utilize Max Handling Displayed Below On BP, Deploy BP While In VR Only! This Insures Your Skills Do Not Disrupt The BP Skills. ***NOTICE*** Max Handling: lvl 5 atmo thrust (+50 atmo thrust) lvl 5 space thrust (+50% space thrust) lvl 5 airfoils (+25% high altitude lift) lvl 5 container proficiency (+50% cargo volume) lvl 5 container optimization (-25% cargo mass) lvl 5 vertical booster (+50% power) lvl 5 adjustors (+25% power) lvl 5 atmo fuel tank volume (+100% fuel storage) lvl 5 space fuel tank volume (+100% fuel storage) lvl 5 fuel optimization (-25% fuel mass) lvl 5 atmo element handling (+10% power to: atmo engines, hover engines and airfoils) lvl 5 flight element handling (+10% power to: retro-engines, airbrakes and adjustors) lvl 5 space element handling (+10% power to: space engines and vertical boosters) lvl 5 airbrakes (+50% power) lvl 5 retro-engines [space brakes] (+50% power)

Token: 20 Mħ
BP: 8 Mħ

Razor Crestling

Deravi Staryards


Cargo Lift: 200 t

Cargo Space: 2 Small Containers Cargo Capacity: 200t Atmo Speed: 1300km/h Weapons: 2 XS Railguns Space Radars: 1 Small, 1 Medium (optional) Voxels: Aluminium Full stats in 2nd image. This is a roughly 1:2 version of the Razor Crest from The Mandalorian. I put alot of precision work into element placement to maximize high altitude lift (more stats in pics). Containers and fuel tank are in the nacelles. Engines: 4 M Military Atmo, 1 M Military Space, 4 S Military Space Combat: 2 XS Railguns linked to the seat. OPTIONAL FEATURE 1: Long Range Scan. You may choose a configuration that trades the sink area for a Medium Space Radar and Medium Gunner Seat. This provides a long range scan option as the pilot can hop in that seat and use the Medium Radar linked to it to scan for ships at twice the distance of the pilot-linked Small Space Radar. OPTIONAL FEATURE 2: Rocket-Powered Space Brakes. You can request a blueprint version that has Small Rockets on the front of the nacelles with twin XS Rocket Tanks. This allows you to simulate the signature hard brake maneuver seen in the show. OPTIONAL FEATURE 3: Warp Drive. This takes the place of the rear upper floor and the M Military Space Engine, instead relying on the 4 S Military Space Engines. Surrogate and Resurrection Pads. 2 Large Atmo Brakes for descending with max cargo. XS Ammo Container internally accessible. Elevator simulates climbing through a hatch to the bedroom upstairs. The interior roughly follows the one from the show. It has no side door for simplicity but you could easily add one. A great all-around mini-homeship.

Token: 5 Mħ
BP: 500 Kħ




No attributes :-(

The Livonas is a fun ship that is able to go a decent speed even on alioth. Fly around the snowy mountains or take a fly around the city in this cheap little ship Core - XS Max Speed - 1100 km/h on alioth Light Loads

BP: 400 Kħ




Cargo Lift: 350 t

Best hauler for beginners! With 1 L container you can load 350 ton of ore or just do missions on the planet. Uncommon maneuver engine consume small amount of fuel. Enough wings count give good lift and high maneuvering.

Token: 2 Mħ
BP: 1 Mħ

RSI Shadow Class Cruiser



Space Thrust: 84.9 MN

The Shadow Class Cruiser Presented By -RSI- This thing is no speed boat nor is it some kite ship. This ship is designed to brawl with very heavy armor and lots of guns this thing can both take severe punishment and dish it out as well. The Shadow Class Cruiser is the best when it comes to a heavy combat ship designed to strike fear into the enemies. Each Ship Comes RTR Ready To Run With Ammo And Fuel. *** IF YOU ASK FOR THE COMBO PACKAGE YOU CAN GET THE SHIP AND BP FOR 68MIL *** Featuring... 10 - L Military Space Engines 4 - M Military Space Engines 2 - L Rocket Engines 4 - L Rail Guns 6 - L Cannons 2 - M Cannons Thrust... -FYI- This ship is purely space-based no atmo. 6.03 G Thrust 4.7 G Brake Materials... Steel 5253m3 Gold 286m3 Has 2 S / 1L Containers for scrap and 2 L ammo Containers. Please feel free to contact me via discord with any questions.

Token: 56 Mħ
BP: 28 Mħ

Light Saber V2

Eminent Domain


Space Thrust: 769 MN

You now have a chance to warp around in your very own Light Saber. This S core Warp shuttle will get you from Alioth to Lacobus at a cost of 7 Warp cells, while holding 30 Warp cells in its cargo, and Full Fuel. You can visit through VR and have a look by searching Consortium Incorporated. There is also a dispenser on site next to the surrogate pod station, selling BP. ::pos{0,2,20.3415,77.2498,15.2586} **UPDATE some changes to weight and elements, cut sustentation speed by half. Is now able to pull off "Crazy Ivan" Maneuver in Alioth Atmosphere. If you would like to purchase a token, reach out to Eminent_Domain#9611 on Discord.

BP: 2.5 Mħ




No attributes :-(

You will be paying for the shape of ship and design time has all engines but you may want to change them out

BP: 5 Mħ




Cargo Lift: 3,000 t

Boar Warfare Industries announce their new ship. The Catfish, clearly "not" inspired by SCs Caterpillar. An inexpensive hauler especially for small groups and solo players. 4 L-Containers allow you some serious mining trips & enough thrust to lift the shit. To keep your trip as cheap as possible it has a low weight & fuel-saving engines. 8 Uncommon Freight Atmo Engines L to get to space, without smoking all of your fuel. 2 Uncommen Freight Space Engines L to allow long journeys through all corners of the universe. Are you in a hurry? No Problem, just throw some cells in & spool the warp drive While in Warp Bubble take a seat right next to the rattling drive & do some biologically necessary things, chill in the captains quarter, or enjoy the view. Scripts: Damage Report, Dimenica Orbital Hud, Warp Cell Calculator Currently no exhibit, contact me on discord if interested: Lammkotze#6957 Notice: Will make small changes if necessary

BP: 2 Mħ


Titan Aerospace


Cargo Lift: 750 t

This atmo only hauler can carry 750t of cargo around Alioth. Its smaller size makes getting into the markets easier, perfect for offloading after an evening of mining. For general supplies running its also more fuel efficient than a heavy hauler. We use these for our day to day needs, cheaper to run and repair should the worst happen. It has a space tank to run vertical boosters and there is space at the back to add space engines so could be used off world off needed. They handle well and are a lot of fun to fly around. I've added a damage control screen and some switches for lights, making parking at night easier.

Token: 3.5 Mħ
BP: 1 Mħ

TAS 36 Charger MK4



Atmo Thrust: 1.43 MN

ATTTENTION!! Summer Blueprint sale! Up to 50% off on select ship blueprints. Thasrion Aeronautics and Space presents the TAS 36 Charger MK4 compactible personal transport. Carry this ship around in your pocket and deploy it whenever you need a fast ship. Pre-installed Script: DU-Orbital HUD. Please visit my VR POD @ TAS Show Room to get a close up look on Alioth. ::pos{0,2,50.2754,117.5824,3.1484}

BP: 75 Kħ

K 1200

Gerokz Aerodynamics


Cargo Lift: 3,200 t

The K1200 is an all rounder cargo transport with warp. video demo of the ship at high weight with my skills flying to space and back https://youtu.be/fKoeHGbE6ds Features: 3.2 kilotons cargo(4.31 kilotons total weight) lift from Alioth with my skills 2-4 in most flight skills 0 in a couple. 9g of braking at max weight for fast stopping and easy landing. level 5 container boosts 4 L containers inside room for more on top for when you need volume over weight. level 5 when placed boost on all engines level 5 boosts on adjusters, verts, brakes, wings

Token: 30 Mħ

TIE Bomber V2 700t Hauler

DU Creators


Cargo Lift: 700 t

This is a far more optimized version of the previous Deravi Staryards version. This is the most effective small scale hauler I could make, basically 2 large military atmo engine housings with wings. The entire left pontoon is just a large container. It is designed around crash safety; overpowered vertical boosters, an emergency control unit and several large excessive atmo brakes mean you can stop a dead-drop quickly. It gets an impressive and meta-defying 700t (more, in my experience) out of 1G with an installed warp drive. This is due in part to the small wing stacks in the struts combined with non-obstructing ailerons across the rear and a lot of trial and error (and crashes). Message Deravi#6100 on Discord delivery to the orbit of your choosing. The warp drive fills most of the right pontoon which precludes an interior, but you may request the non-warp version with the interior seen in pics. You may request advanced military atmo engines installed if you pay the difference. DU Creators customization guarantee: If you customize your ship in a way you prefer we will surrogate in to make you a backup BP lest anything happen to your work.

Token: 7.5 Mħ
BP: 2 Mħ
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