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Origin AX113



Space Thrust: 16.34 MN

wanna fly with style? than this is just what you need. it has 10 Small containers on board and some additional space in the back to fit 10 more. Or smack a warp engine in there and fly to a distant planet in no time. it is equipped with a small shield generator and 3 guns (primarily to look cool, but hey :p maybe someday you'll meet someone in pvp space with less guns) even if you don't need it, just buy it because it looks cool. blueprint is only 2,5 million

BP: 2.5 Mħ

Bad Flyers Friend!

Gray (GrayLeader)


Cargo Lift: 600 t

The Bad Flyers Friend! a 10 pack small container ship that works epic tons of thrust and power for the small ship and operates super awesome XS core ship and plenty of fuel 43,028km/h with just the fuel in it for space so pretty fast too!. Available at ADMI build store vr name is same so if you need the cords for the sore. ::pos{0,2,-24.6842,16.8702,151.5735} on alioth

BP: 500 Kħ




Space Thrust: 21.6 MN

VR: Spaceboys beach club HQ discord: Kormolos#2468 perfect ship with 2 scanner territorial reinforced CSS armor shield M + 2 stasi web if you need to slow boat in deep space. script pvp Penrose with gunner seat + remote control + transponder warp + rockets can lift 600 tons at 1G with rockets 2 container M dry weight with fuel tank full

BP: 1 Mħ

Venture Hybrid

Outer Rim Exploration


Space Thrust: 2.98 MN

PUBLIC VR OPEN! VR: Outer Rim Explo Black Market (Under Construction) Visit us at the OR3 Command Tower on Alioth near Market 12 (You can see it as you land!) The Venture Hybrid is an S-Core atmo/space runner. The design is slightly modified from the Space Only version to allow for atmo elements. Nothing is stacked, she's a fun little beast and balanced well. The design is meant to be more of a replica and is not designed to haul a ton of cargo. We have other Eve ships for that. (Hulk, Skiff...Rorqual!) She is the workhorse of our starter fleet Post-Launch and has served us well. Features other than listed: Res Node, VR In and Out, DamageControl Script, Albatross HUD. All of our Hybrid and Space Only ships have full XYZ navigation engines in space. There is a space-only version, and two combat versions based on the Prospect from Eve Online. You are welcome to request custom tokens done in specific colors. The Blue/yellow is true to the Eve original color scheme, however, I have prospect blue and all the variants of steel for other colors. ** Please note the photos above are from Beta. Launch Version is Carbon Fiber and Yellow Plastic to reduce weight greatly.

Token: 7.5 Mħ
BP: 1.5 Mħ




Space Thrust: 1.39 MN

Each org depends on the flight skills of their members. Here is a small craft that was, from the very begin, developed to be a training ship, for the role to raise understanding and skills of new gamers as pilots, as navigators, as gunners and as commanders. The craft features all types of seats: - hovercraft seat - navigator seat - gunner seat - commander seat And two eats of each of them - one for the trainee, one for the instructor. There are four standard encampment seats to allow more students to be part of the training and to wait for their turn midair. Each side has a big gate for easiest access for our little freshlings. :-) The small special craft is further equipped with a small gun and ammo box, atmo and space radar, several cargo containers and hub, atmospheric engines, space engines, and even a rocket engine, to allow to teach the full bandwidth. It lifts off at low speed, raises easily, can glide well, and also reaches space easily. The cabin is spacious, and most elements can be reached from inside the cabin - ideal to allow the student to see the links in between elements, and learn how to set links. Adjusters and retro rockets are mostly sunken into the hull to avoid overheating. The cockpit allows a good view, and the instructors sit in the seats behind and slightly above the seats for the trainees. There are two strong bottom space engines for vertical take off from space stations, they have their own fuel tank that should be kept empty during regular flights. My own org uses 5 of these ships at different locations for the training, and other orgs started to use this training ship, too.

BP: 3 Mħ

Pocket Rocket



Cargo Lift: 19.99 t

This is a VTOL arch-hud modification that allows the ship to automatically swap to gyro use at 975m allowing it to launch vertically then travel horizontally very cool fun to fly and very controllable great for landing on a small footprint.

Token: 1 Mħ
BP: 25 Kħ


Blackbriar Mercenary Inc


No attributes :-(

EX- Empire Massive Armored Hauler 12x 10L container Hubs Full RP Command Deck Price Representative of extreme build cost and lack of available photos Only one ever made.

BP: 1 Mħ

Turtle OG



Cargo Lift: 1,550 t

The Turtle is an S core Hauler designed for solo or duo mining expeditions on other planets and bringing your ore back to alioth. Since we never bring heavy loads out of alioth it is a bit low on space thrust , but fine on all sub1G planets. Exelent weight distribution and nice handling. Overpowered braking power for the not so exprienced player. Ship stats with advanced engines / lvl5 Boosts, rest at lvl 4: 1G (alioth to space): lvl5 pilot skills 1550t lvl4 pilot skills 1250t lvl3 pilot skills 1000t (no altitude eff./no warmup opt.) below not tested. It takes 1 week to get every pilot talkent to lvl3! 1G (Alioth surface only) lvl5 pilot skills 2500t lvl4 pilot skills 2250t Glide reentry works fine if you come from other planets with 2500t. We provide Put down(technican) buffs for every of our Blueprints free of charge. VR: Hadron HQ Alioth

Token: 20 Mħ
BP: 5 Mħ


SNS Sentinels


Space Thrust: 37.4 MN

Build by Akcroma#9718 BP dispenser located on Moon 4 at - ::pos{0,22,-24.0681,158.4720,64.3307} To view in person, visit VR: " SNS Showroom Public DSAT" Designed for tracking asteroids. 36 000 KM/h 1 Uncommon Military Space Engine XL 2 Container L Warp drive slot Shield slot DSAT CCS Capacity 2.29 M Free rebuff (dm Cobqlt#8533)

BP: 5 Mħ

Donaris Hybrid CARGO AGG



Cargo Lift: 2,000 t

LordRapineurX and me are proud to present you the DONARIS Our first ship take Many weeks to create All Stat are for a LVL 0 PILOT Ship is FULL LVL 5 Handling This Version Hybride With AGG With 4 XL engines Manoeuver and 20 Basic Atmo Engine can lift near 2kt of fret in atmo and 15kt in space Also you can land near 35kt of fret in atmo thanks to it's brake We add a bunch of Atmo brake so you can enter on atmo and if the AGG brake or if you forgot to activate it, you can land Safely This Ship is avalaible in 3 versions Hybride cargo and AGG Hybride with AGG for CARGO Space AGG you can visit US and find BP on Locura Shipyard or you can simply visit US in VR "Donaris"

BP: 10 Mħ

Cargo Container Cassette M

Makashima Industries


Cargo Space: 336 kL

A modular Cargo Cassette, providing up to 336,000 litres of space. Each cassette comes with an Inventory interface for easy viewing of contents, their total volume and quantity, along with the constructs weight. Every Cassette is made on an XS Core and lightweight plastic, allowing you do to dock any of them to any ship suitable and available. Additionally, it is possible to place up to 2 Cassette M or 16 Cassette S in the space of 1 Cassette L, providing more dynamic storage and transportation options. Dimensions: Width - 20vx Length - 60vx Height - 20vx Location & VR: Makashima Industries Shop ::pos{0,26,79.6509,-87.6931,99.0025}

BP: 100 Kħ

ODYe Acteon Mk1



No attributes :-(


Token: 5 Mħ

300i Plus

Southern Cross High Guard


Cargo Lift: 226 t

Inspired by the classic Star Citizen 300i Warp Shuttle. Warp in style. 6 cells from Alioth to Madis. Do we need to say any more? VR: SCHG Ship Sales - Madis ::pos{0,1,81.7469,5.7865,545.1833}

BP: 1 Mħ


Golden Oak Industries


Cargo Lift: 2,000 t

The Aurora Medium Core Cruise is the perfect vehicle for transporting a space princess! (Or Cargo!) Equipped with 6 Staterooms which you can decorate any way you like, it sports two large cargo containers (with room to add additional containers for extra volume) along with a centralized Hub. The ship also has medium shields and an onboard Resurrection Node and VR Pod + Two VR Booths.

BP: 1.25 Mħ

PDP Pocket Drone Platform



Dry Weight: 1 t

you need something tiny that fits in your ship ? you want to reach your agg ship ? running between mining tiles bores you ? well what about an compactable mini drone ! it will VTOL only and steer by leaning in flight direction. the plattform can hover up to 2500 meters and thanks to rare freight engines sustain for over two hours. give this little helper a try and feel like ironman :-) give us a visit in VR : Hadron HQ Alioth

Token: 500 Kħ
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