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Enterprise D (Mterprise)

DU Creators


Space Thrust: 28.3 MN

The main pic is in the harshest possible light to show any imperfections so you're not getting a MySpace angle. This is my pride and joy, a lovingly created M core Enterprise-D. An L core will follow based on what I learned. Off the bridge is the lush Captain's Quarters with all the modern amenities for any Captain that needs time alone to ponder breaking the Prime Directive. Off the other side is the main corridor which curves forward to an integrated weapons control centre. This can access the rear sides of the embedded forward saucer lasers and their associated ammo containers. Off the main corridor are the lab, then passing the lounge and lavatory as one loops back around the rear saucer to enter the rear-centrally located Main Engineering where M Shield and Warp Drive are accessible. Passing to the other side of the saucer is a large segmented area that is open for your own customization, currently acting as general crew quarters. She has L Military Engines in her nacelles, a pair of M Military on the neck flaps and two more on the rear belly for a surprising amount of 'full impulse'. The saucer is packed with embedded L Adjustors giving her great agility. She can respond to pirates by using her high space thrust to get the enemy within M Laser range, shields up, open fire, close to S Laser range, make a pass, 180, fire rearward missiles. Hopefully by then they are deterred but if it comes to a slugfest you're not out much quanta as if you can screenshot your loss I'll give you another BP copy for free. Our store is at Utopia Station, DM Deravi#6100 to arrange delivery.

BP: 20 Mħ

Magee Class

Utopia Planitia


Space Thrust: 318 MN

This model starship was built for specifically for asteroid hunting. This vessel features all the creature comforts you might need on a long journey including quarters, galley, medical facilities, and a "holodeck" for crew VR so that they may continue on projects elsewhere while in route. The deck plans are thought out in a way to protect vital ship systems while spreading them out so no one system goes down with another. Vital parts of the ship are protected by a multi-tier armor strategy employs layers of silver, copper and steel built directly into the corridors, decks and rooms. It boasts a compliment of 6 L rail guns and 2 L cannons split between 2 gunners. The 4 fighters docked in the shuttle bay hold 4 XS cannons each and can be used by a single pilot. All totaled within fighter range, this ship can deal out 59,765.5 DPS. The 2 cargo bays located on deck 2 can hold a combined 10 L containers worth of material and can be used for replacement fighter deployment as well as ammunition storage, scrap and fuel. The lower deck 4 cargo bays hold a combined 8 EXL and 4 XL containers used as main storage. Engineering is by far the most armored part of the ship with multiple layers of silver, copper and steel protecting the internals as well as external deck plating which in turn protects the above bridge from fire when the shields are penetrated. The belly of this ship during combat is meant to be faced towards oncoming fire as well as being able to burn off trajectory while returning fire. Powering this vessel is 8 Advanced Maneuver Space XL engines with 8 Advanced Maneuver Space L engines. an additional 30 Advanced Maneuver Space M thrusters allow for XYZ maneuvering. The minimum crew recommendation for this vessel is 7. Pilot: 1 Gunners: 2 Fighter Pilots: 4 It is also recommended an additional 1-4 engineers be present on each mission for emergencies. Thank you for considering the Magee Class, if you wish to see it for yourself, you may connect via VR to: Magee Class Utopia Planitia Replacement Blueprints for each fighter can be purchased for 1m each. There are no naming restrictions for these vessels however registry numbers will still be assigned. Currently there are many interested parties that are wanting the first model off the line, I will be taking bids over the course of the next 2 weeks. Please feel free to message me on discord if you wish to bid on the first model. Edit: After doing a speed test, this vessel can make 30,000km/h in just over 4 minutes. The auction has ended and the final bidder has claimed their ship for the first edition! However the price will continue to be adjusted due to the daily fluctuations in the ore climate. Contact me if you wish to purchase. Blueprint Caveats: The registry will be designed and assigned along with this BP. Fore screens will be blank upon deployment and will need to be updated with the registry manually.

Token: 500 Mħ
BP: 150 Mħ

TIE Reaper

Imperial Drive Yards


Cargo Lift: 350 t

Used by the Empire primarily as a troop transport and starfighter support. This one holds 2 L cargo containers and enough open space for your own personal touches. Take a look personally, VR to IDY Thades Station.

BP: 10 Mħ

TTA King Cobra



Cargo Lift: 5,000 t

All steel Asteroid Chaser with Copper and Gold internals, DSAT, Large Shield, 4 x XL Space (2 Mil , 2 Man), 20 Large Adv Atmos L Engines and Warp. Take a trip along the knife edge in a lady that will show you the way to the prize then defend you whilst you escape with it. Designed around the original TTA Cobra frame but with a change to non Gyro configuration and the ability to take a hit, this little lady will not fail to please. Grab your treasure and look good doing it! Price is of course subject to change due to the crazy world were playing in so please give me a shout if you're interested or wish to have a look around. I have almost completed a space only version so prices for that platform can be discussed.

Token: 123 Mħ
BP: 20 Mħ

Ssss v1



Atmo Thrust: 60.9 MN

A small speedboat that can fit many ship hangars. Elegantly and almost organically shaped, it reaches speeds in excess of 2150 km/h. Look at its shape, no doubt this boat will attract lots of attention and envy. You can purchase it here, but if you go to Alioth Market 6, there are two disopensers that sell a LIMITED AMOUNT of blueprints for a slightly lower price. Find them at that platform that also has the market building on it, beside the white elegant ship. Ship and dispensers will be at the market for a limited time only, so if you look for a special deal, you better hurry. V2 is out and waiting here for you! Improvements: - storage on board - even higher speed - longer flight duration - more airbrake power - more forward engine braking power - more fuel capacity And the best is: from the outside there is almost no difference! All stated specs here on DU Creators are those of V1 AVAILABLLE NOW FOR A LIMITED TIME ON OUR SHIP BP DISPENSERS ON ALIOTH MARKET 6 (BESIDE EDGE OF MARKET BUILDING)

BP: 995 Kħ

Flit v3



Atmo Thrust: 0.077 MN

Fuel efficient mining and base work cart (no glitches!) Up to 3-5 hours working on Alioth.* Compact size allows you to maneuver in the tunnels. Can lock on forward, up and bottom axis. Can use cruise speed for better mining. Construct can hold distance from obstacles (possible to set distances in parameters). Available character moving mode( u can leave construct floating). Position stabilization in 3 modes. Soft landing. Auto select engines mode - in horizontal mode switch hover and engines based on altitude from surface. Auto move to chosen altitude - good for auto digging. Auto move on some distance - good for auto digging. Aim to world side. Free look mode. Changeable HUD colors. Changeable key bindings. Changeable HUD windows position. Remember parameters, like cruise speed, boost mode state, auto select engines mode state and etc.. Ore triangulation window with aiming to point.

Token: 14 Mħ
BP: 12 Mħ

Corp "The Chicken" Hauler

Ravenstone Corp


Cargo Space: 192 kL

Corp "The Chicken" Hauler Corp "The Chicken" Hauler ::pos{0,2,-4.2720,36.5410,-0.0000} Location Ravenstone Showroom

Token: 4 Mħ
BP: 1 Mħ

Hermes Bike - Heavy



Max Speed: 600 km/h

- Designed for ground city/land travel. - Speed up to 600km/h - XS container Surrogate : Novalys Showroom Novalys Discord : https://discord.gg/KKz3E8FsrW

Token: 90 Kħ




No attributes :-(

10 container AGG 1080 base speed (no load) DM in game for test ride or question (! dpabes#4262)

Token: 35 Mħ
BP: 2 Mħ

Orca Luxury VIP transport



Space Thrust: 1 MN

This is the beginning of the Luxury Line for ANVILWORKS. Tired of riding in that ole hoopty since september? Want to turn some heads as you come into the market? Who's the boss? You're the BOSS in this beautiful VIP shuttle. Fly to your destination and let everyone know you are rolling in the green! She's loaded with everything you could ever want or need. I even threw in a transmitter and receiver just in case you need it! Note* Switches on the center console control all lighting outside (accent, landing and Nav) Switch to the left side of the cockpit controls the reset on the programing board and all screens.

BP: 5 Mħ




Space Thrust: 6.22 MN

2 L container cargo ship

BP: 6 Mħ




No attributes :-(

LandmarkExplorer clip of my ship: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=7358&v=Y12hDdzn-qo&feature=youtu.be M Core 6 L containers 4 L atmos Fuel Tanks 2 L space Fuel Tanks Meeting space Bar/lounge Bedroom/bathroom Bridge Full glass roof Warp Can lift 4KT off alioth and land with 3KT Turns great with roll but also great with yaw to accommodate all types of pilots at all levels. Can break alioth atmosphere in seconds going vertically with 1KT.(Maybe more not tested)

BP: 5 Mħ

X Wing T65b MKIV Starfighter



Atmo Thrust: 1.4 MN

BP: 12.5 Mħ




Cargo Lift: 1,200 t

I started this project in week one of Beta, after many refits, tests, complete body rebuilds, tweaks, and changes. She's ready to be sold. Sleek and sexy from every angle. Fully detailed interior rear cargo compartment and front cockpit with LUA Maps, Fuel and Damage Report Screens and custom artwork. 150su Warp only took 11 cells. She's fast and fun to get around the galaxy in! The 96kL T5 M Container carry quite a bit... *Update* (3/14) Voxel Update. Cockpit changed to fix character getting stuck exiting pilot seat, voxel work cleaned up around nose cockpit. Price Updated *Update* (2/5) Ship updated. Elements reconfigured. Ship weight reduced, T3 Lithium Honeycomb, smaller cross section, more cargo capacity, better placements, larger engines and brakes, updated LUA... *Update* (12/2) Up to 800T tested off Alioth so far and i feel like she can handle 1kT :) A 150su Jump with 1000T is only 30 Warp Cells. *Note : Confirmed, can be repainted in colors with glossy accents only upon request. Just keep weight in mind. Since polished steel is heavy. *NEW* Shop location with blueprints available at Alioth District 7 Market BP Dispenser Location= ::pos{0,2,6.6038,80.3082,2.3342} Contact me to arrange a trade in-game! Sales Hangar now located at Infinity Spaceport! IGN: D4nkkn1ght https://discord.gg/uUx47tR @ me in the #PocketRocket Channel Dank#9076 twitch.tv/d4nkkn1ght

Token: 12.5 Mħ
BP: 7.5 Mħ

Sella Plaustra

Shadow Templar


Max Speed: 1,100 km/h

The Sells Plaustra is a light weight and efficient S core warp courier. It's designed to be a miniature carrier for XS ships. It can get from Alioth to Madis with only 4 warp cells, and the two medium fuel tanks ensure a long flight time. It has two advanced military atmospheric engines, and (depending on piloting talents) is capable of VTOL flight from the ground to space on Alioth. In addition to the standard hover chair, the Plaustra features a remote that allows you to pilot the ship while also walking around. maneuver the ship where you need without tool limitations, or walk around during high altitude flight. This ship features Shadow Templar's Horizon flight system. Unlike other custom HUDs out there, Horizon was built completely from scratch, with no dependencies on NAV or the default config. It's been in development since alpha, and new features and enhancements are added regularly. Some features include: * First of it's kind interactive menu system that can be used while controlling the ship. * Gravity suppression - instead of a set hover height, the ship will use any locomotive elements to counteract the force of gravity for any planet you are on or near. The ship will hand the same underwater as above, and your speed will not drift when approaching a planet. * Inertial dampening - ship will arrest your momentum in any direction you are not currently applying thrust. This allows you to make tight turns without drift at low speed. * Gravity follow - align your ship perpendicular to the direction of gravity. * Vector locking - features six different vectors you can lock, and the ship allows roll without losing vector lock Currently located at: ::pos{0,2,40.5581,92.2868,3.0116} | VR: "ST Alioth Ship Shop" We now have a discord for Horizon support! Join for updates on new software releases, ship sales, and chat with other Horizon pilots out there: https://discord.gg/EQtmDVXcQH

Token: 15 Mħ
BP: 13.5 Mħ
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