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Smilin' Bazzy's Used Shipyard


Space Thrust: 24.7 MN

Magnate is an exploration frigate of Royal Khanid shipyard designed for comfort and opulence to those who can aford it. Find out what it feels like to a be amarrian tyrant prowling subjudgated starsystem. Rub your starving vassals' nose in your outrageous wealth while they're surviving on pittance of 160K alioth missions. Make Helios great again.

BP: 5 Mħ




Space Thrust: 319 MN

Nautilus Freighter A Large Bio Mechanoid creature .Living and thriving in the Vastness of space . These Passive creatures are easily captured and fitted with armor plates . There Huge open interior body's fitted with large numbers of containers . Although Nautiloid are a Primarily a space organism its installed armor allows it to enter planet atmosphere's . Found to only be the 3rd Largest Bio Mechanoid in the New Verse with its fast growth rate and passive nature the Nautilus fills out a bulk of the Nemesis fleets . the Military versions packed with heavy armaments and a very thick shells Description WIP

BP: 30 Mħ

The Falcon



Cargo Space: 1,344 kL

Cargo ship made for mining asteroids comes without AGG standard has an EZ install room for one

BP: 45 Mħ

Destiny One

Loaded Industries (NEW LOCATION)


Cargo Lift: 3,000 t

Loaded Industries presents Destiny One medium hauler if your looking for a new stylish daily runner i hope we have you covered with this new original design by loaded, 3kt hauler with 6 large containers, fitted with all advanced engines, medium shield, warp drive etc everything you would expect, very easy to fly and very agile to move around, full interior design, blue print only no tokens as of yet, any question please message me on discord. stats shown are with lvl 5 talent buffs applied and some pilot skills, as i dont have a character with no skill at all no more, if you are a skilled pilot with pilot skills you will push 4kt of alioth you can view in VR search for loaded industries and you find the ship located on the open air showroom space with dispenser ::pos{0,2,37.6266,109.2195,-51.3445}

BP: 6 Mħ




No attributes :-(

full perso possible!!



Vega Hex Industries


Space Thrust: 28 MN

The Nightingale is a luxury warper/market runner that will let you fly in style. Has a full interior and 1 Rare Optimized M container that can hold 210kl. Comes with rare engines all around. Was able to get out of alioth with around 800T. If you need a boost, it comes equipped with 2 rocket engines in the back. You can get the BP at our new showroom location (still in construction) For token, contact vork on discord. VR at Paragon Hex & Vega ship booth to check it out.

Token: 30 Mħ
BP: 15 Mħ


United Astral Logistics


No attributes :-(

Here we have a new addition to our XS core roster, the UAL Oberon is a hybrid light hauler designed to chase discovered asteroids she can do 300t with good piloting talents and full 5 boosts(free boosts on bps bought from me) in atmo with basic elements, this ship is thrust limited so upgrading engines yield better results. Designed to be cheap and nice to look at, good for mining runs. 1L Basic Atmospheric Engine L 4 Basic Space Engine M (+3 XS Downward Facing Engines For Space Landing) 1M Basic Container Basic Version 350k/2.5mil Basic Elements 300t out of atmo with good skills and talents Advanced Version 550k/5mil Advanced Military Engines 500t out of atmo with good skills and talents. VR to UAL Ships to view!

Token: 3.5 Mħ
BP: 350 Kħ




Max Speed: 564 km/h

Getting my first creation out there. Tried to get close to the design from Serenity's Mule. Still trying to figure the nuances to ship building. Any and all pointers are most welcomed.


Manta Lite Transport



Cargo Lift: 1,500 t

The Manta is a S core light hauler designed to jump planets and easily carry loads of materials with out costing you an arm and a leg for a medium transport. No stacked element. All Blueprints and Tokenized Ships located on Alioth at Castle D4rkMoon ::pos{0,2,67.6707,91.2553,57.6432} All stats are as boosted with lvl 3 skills. If you boost them higher it will be better. Hit me up on discord to make a purchase! Seripis#0466

BP: 2.5 Mħ

Nomad Class Hauler (R1)



Cargo Lift: 30,000 t

The Nomad R1 is probably one of the most powerful haulers you can buy. It's the luxury version of the Nomad A1. Both have been designed and built with efficiency, superior flight behaviour and a clean, simplistic design in mind. If you enjoy being a freighter, run missions, or simply have a lot of stuff to move, you will enjoy this powerful ship which will not let you down. It's an L-core hauler with excellent stats. Having a torque of 542 to 662 MN.m this ship turns faster and smoother than you would expect from an L-core. It's well balanced layout makes it a joy to fly. An insane break force of 1326 MN allows you to savely operate within the atmosphere, and while the ship of course comes with an AGG, most of us simply land it on a runway as if it was an S-core. The substantial low altitude lift of 621 MN making it possible to bring 30.000t of cargo from Alioth into space, and the ship's slim frontal cross section defies it's huge cargo bay of 10 advanced optimised XXL containers holding up to 12979 kL. Warp drive, reverse engines for clean maneuvering, and over 200 airfoils complete this ship. A dry weight of only 4.3kt tell you that the interior has been reduced to the minimum in order to optimize the flight stats. High quality elements like the rare military atmospheric engines, rare military space engines XL, rare phased-array space radar, and rare capacitor shield generator give you a lot of bang for your buck, and an intelligent placement and linking of all fuel tanks make servicing the Nomad quick and easy. And, if you are not planning to go to space, you will exactly know which tanks you can leave empty, while the tank logic follows a simple balancing method so you will not constantly fly around with much more fuel than you really need. A huge glass cockpit ensures perfect vision, and the clean outline of the ship make parking the Nomad very easy. The R1 comes with ArchHUD by default, but can be ordered with Albatross HUD likewise. The Damage Report script optionally can be casted to two transparent screens in the cockpit, giving you full control of the situation at any time. Of course, as all luxury versions, the R1 has it's logo prominently displayed on it's top. All other decals can be customized upon ordering your ship. If hauling is your thing, or you simply need a reliable and good-looking workhorse in your fleet, you should consider the Nomad. Prices listed are for the blueprint or token of the R1. The token version comes fully fueled plus 500 Warp Cells for your initial jumps. You can see the ship always at ::pos{0,2,38.8701,113.8880,-56.7414} or visit in VR at "Starcom Incorporated HQ". Test flights can be arranged too, please contact via Discord in any case.

Token: 1,000 Mħ
BP: 250 Mħ

ETA Crab Light Freighter

Elite Transport Associates Ship Works


Cargo Lift: 2,000 t

ETA Crab Light Freighter Built for the space trucker. This ship focuses on fuel economic as well as its first person piloting. Great for safe zone missions and Hulling. Ship comes Equip with: 4 L Adv Atmo Freight Engine's 4 L Adv Space Maneuver Engine's 4 M Adv Space Freight Engine's 4 S Adv Space Freight Engine's For space and asteroid Docking. Warp Drive. Albatross HUD. All ETA Ships come with LvL 5 put down skills for fuel tanks, engines, and containers.

Token: 12 Mħ
BP: 5 Mħ


Golden Oak Industries


Cargo Lift: 750 t

Very Small S Core Single L Container Hauler The Ugly Armadillo is _almost_ small enough to be an XS unit but didn't _quite_ fit. If you need a small, cheap, easy to fly space hauler for runs outside of the safe zone that won't cause you major loss if you get shot down... this is it. The Ugly Armadillo was my own solution to this problem, and now I'm sharing it with you. Lightweight, well balanced, and very easy to fly. Do yourself a favor, stay out of the pipe... this is not a defensive craft... it is meant to be a sacrificial lamb in the event someone wanting what you have catches up with you!




Space Thrust: 0.15 MN

XS ship for calibrations on neighboring moons and planets without a collection container

BP: 50 Kħ

Panamax XLH



Cargo Space: 614 kL

Need to take a load to space and fast? This will do it. Need to reconfigure for different containers? This is the ship for you! Almost complete! Come take a look. Give your input in what you might like to see in it.

BP: 2 Mħ


Captains Customs - Ship Sales


Space Thrust: 3 MN

Don't look at the UEF store, this will out perform any comparable ship from the company store. Comes loaded with a damage and fuel monitor script, Ship Info. Come see us in person at Captain’s showroom 12km Southwest of Alioth Market 16 ::pos{0,2,19.3636,110.1164,13.5872} or visit Captain’s Customs Ship Showroom in VR Ask about token prices! Markets are changing fast.

BP: 250 Kħ
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