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Voxel Sets

Switch Blade MK1



Space Thrust: 4.59 MN

Designed as a light transport for cheap travel. All Blueprints and Tokenized Ships located on Alioth at Castle D4rkMoon ::pos{0,2,54.0664,95.5401,583.6151} Tokenized ships are all boosted to Lvl 5 across the board Hit me up on discord to make a purchase! Seripis#0466

Token: 12 Mħ
BP: 1 Mħ

Behemoth 1A-S



Cargo Space: 7,680 kL

Infinity Corporation's first ship of our upcoming product line of freighters and haulers, the Behemoth 1A-S is a space-only super freighter. Armed with 8 Large Railguns and 2 Large Lasers, and armored with up to 7 meters of air-spaced armor in important areas, you can safely transport up to 7680 kL / 20000 tones through space with 40 Large containers. The Behemoth also (optionally) comes with 2 StarScream drop ships (extra 10 million quanta each) that fit neatly into the drop hanger in the bottom rear of the ship (See photos) Your tokenized ship will come with all elements upgraded to tier 5. The IC logos can be replaced with a logo of your choice, or just removed.

Token: 250 Mħ

[TTA] Cobra



Cargo Lift: 5,000 t

Now Available in the Cobra Plus SB Model with all Advanced Military Engines for 49 Million to give you that extra OOMPH through PvP Space! New from the Forges of TTA Alioth comes the 'Cobra', a medium core Hod Carrier with looks that would make even a Preacher weep. Harnessing the latest in Gyroscopic Technology, the Cobra utilises no less than 24 Large Atmospheric Engines and 4 XL Space Engines to punch a hole through even the most demanding of planetary atmospheres to carry your precious cargo to safety. Load Capability has been measured with low piloting skills which are confirmed at 5KT in 1G. The finish, in Polished White Aluminium and Beige Aluminium, will have the crowds gathering to admire your choice of steed wherever you choose to land. Contact TTA (Tictaq Jim#7871) today to arrange a tour or hop in to 'Tictaq South' in VR

Token: 35 Mħ
BP: 10 Mħ

M.F.H. (little bobby)



Cargo Lift: 1,600 t

The MFH is a hauler for newer players. No glitches, no exploits, no bugs (sad it has to be mentioned). Due to its high amount of wings and low cross section it can carry very large amounts of cargo with its 6 maneuver engines while consuming very little fuel. I tested it on a character with no skills and could cruise at 1000km/h with 4kt cargo, orbit/offworld from Alioth was tested with 2kt with no skills but as this requires a very flat pitch, to keep speed close to 700, and more time, I set the cargo lift on this page as 1,6kt 8 L containers have space for 1536kl, by the time you ever run out of space when bringing stuff to the market, you can afford a ship 3 times the size. All items are max buffed, I only used max sized elements so you can strip it for parts when you want to build something bigger. This is a van, not a sports car. When you fly with a lot of cargo, keep speed high and only climb slowly. You should also make use of the wings and land like a plane. Do not just fly roughly to where you want to go and hold the brakes until you are on the ground. If you get the cargo plane feeling you will have a lot of fun with this craft, at least as long as you find enough stuff to fill the cargo with. It also excells at warping ore to alioth from off world, as it can land with a lot of cargo (I regulary use it to bring well over a million chromite back from sicari) while still being relatively cheap to warp. The interior is quite plain, buttons for doors/forcefields, lights, resurrection node and VR station. Say the word if you want some carpets and plants. Autopilots and assists work best with a lot of engines to start and a lot of brakes to stop, not a lot of wings to glide. So I recommend flying this manually. If you want to use autopilot, I can take 2 containers out for you and use the space for airbrakes until you have 60g. As this isn’t exactly an work of art and is meant to just help new players get an affordable ship that can carry a lot, you should almost break even if you sell the parts. You can also have basic engines to save 1.5M, but maneuvers need less fuel and spin up faster, I think they are worth it. Don’t get the warp if you dont need it, save another 850K. Visit VR "Showroom Gottchar" to see it.

Token: 7.4 Mħ
BP: 300 Kħ

Nomad MK2



Cargo Lift: 400 t

Compact and sporty, the Nomad MK2 is an Extra Small light hauler and personal transport ship, equipped for atmospheric and space travel. Built by Infinity Corporation and designed by Atmosph3rik. Equipped with two Medium and four Small containers for 240kL of storage, the Nomad can lift about 400 tons into space at 1g, with moderate piloting talents. And sporting two Large Space Engines, one Large, two Medium and four Small Advanced Military Atmospheric engines, it has power to spare. Also Includes: All T5 Piloting and storage Handling talents Rez Node Container hub S Atmospheric Radar S Space Radar Room on top to install a Warp Core, or Territory Scanner. (not included) Custom colors available on request and an additional fee. Specify two materials, one for the primary color and one for the accent stripe.

Token: 4 Mħ




Cargo Lift: 1,000 t

S core hauler perfect for the new player in the universe! Very easy to fly and maneuver. Go mining those ores or haul that cargo in a true hauler! Got space for warp drive and a scanner on it! Have taken it to space with 1250tons of cargo with t4 pilot skills. Recomend not to take more then 1000tons. Got 4 L containers in there for all your cargo needs. Comes with space or atmo radar. Almost all elements have t4 placment on them. Token can be delivered anywhere on alioth for just 100k extra, or on any other planet for 250k extra. Comes pre-loaded with Dimencia virtual joystick, if you desire another script or keyboard control, just tell me and i'll fix it before tokenizing :) Addons: Warp drive +1.250.000 Territory Scanner +1.250.000 Vr to SmileWorld to see all ships in person!

Token: 3.75 Mħ
BP: 1 Mħ

Orca Luxury VIP transport



Space Thrust: 1 MN

This is the beginning of the Luxury Line for ANVILWORKS. Tired of riding in that ole hoopty since september? Want to turn some heads as you come into the market? Who's the boss? You're the BOSS in this beautiful VIP shuttle. Fly to your destination and let everyone know you are rolling in the green! She's loaded with everything you could ever want or need. I even threw in a transmitter and receiver just in case you need it! Note* Switches on the center console control all lighting outside (accent, landing and Nav) Switch to the left side of the cockpit controls the reset on the programing board and all screens.

BP: 5 Mħ

Typhoon Fighter mk1



Space Thrust: 0.207 MN

This fighter is designed to be extremely maneuverable inside of atmosphere. at max throttle you can lock the wheel and not start "drifting" It has a large amount of features for such a small package. including 2 xs small cannons s atmo radar 2 medium atmo engines and 2 small atmo engines a ton of brakes and adjustors for that high maneuverability and if your atmospheric combat takes place near the edge of atmo and you slip into space it has 2 space engines to back you get to atmo and keep you in the fight and with the low cost to build this ship is perfect for tooling up a lot of fighters and swarming the enemy bulk discounts available dm me for any questions

BP: 100 Kħ

DMCo D150

Doodle Motor Company


Cargo Lift: 250 t

The D150 is a Hauler designed to be a low cost start for newer players that can perform without talents in piloting. Doodle Motor Company also offers financing on the D150 starting at 750,000 down payment and payments of 250,000 for 5 months to purchase at a total of 2,250,000.

Token: 1.75 Mħ

BLT X-Wing



Space Thrust: 32.1 MN

BLT X Wing is an M core lightweight interceptor with very high acceleration (over 13G) capable of intercepting enemy ship at max speed from standing still. Has 4 M-sized Railguns. M Space Radar for gunner and S space radar for pilot With over 750 ammo capacity it's capable of destroying almost any M-sized hauler and below. It's your easy way into piracy, buy it now and get custom kill counter.

Token: 20 Mħ
BP: 10 Mħ




No attributes :-(

Pvp ship without interior (in progress) railgun + missiles / 14 Xl engines Surrogate, search "Spok surrogate" - owner : Les gaulois de l'espace contact discord : SpokBzh#4887

BP: 30 Mħ

Arquitens T1



Cargo Lift: 800 t

Made with Galvanized Dark Grey Aluminium, Stands the only Arquitens Crusier on the DU Creators page. Hosting 3 Large Atmospheric Engines, 12 Large Hoover Engines, , 4 Medium Atmo Fuel Tanks(for ship size reasons), 3 Medium Space Fuel Tank, All the Brake power 1 could ever need. Flying at 3k Altitude fuel lasts for 6 hours Internal Parts Emergency Controller for the Just in Case, A Control Board for setting any Lua youd like, And tested with Demencia & Archaegeo. Ship can be outfitted for Hauling, Combat, or just cruising around the block. Just let me know and i can customize it a bit more.

Token: 5 Mħ
BP: 2.5 Mħ




Space Thrust: 978 MN

Final Space Industries' latest instrument of war, Atlas is a capital grade gun ship that will not yield any district of space to anyone. Inspired by the Battletech and Mechwarrior Assault class heavy mech Atlas with its giant AC-20 cannon in the front of the ship. Built with current meta materials and layers to complete is lethal form. It comes in 2 loadouts, 20 Missiles or 8 Missiles and 16 Lasers for varied ammo capabilities.

Token: 750 Mħ
BP: 200 Mħ

BSW Razorline Mk1



Cargo Lift: 500 t

Take to the stars and go beyond with the BSW Razorline Mk1, featuring 7 large atmospheric engines and two large space engines she can get one large container off planet and to market for that easy buck. enjoy the wide angle cockpit while descending and take an easy breath knowing the autopilot will set you down nice and soft. Rated for space and atmospheric Flight the Razorline has what it takes to become your daily driver. pick yours up on Teoma or arrange a drop off by contacting me at CitizenBassat#3952 or CptSigh @SiathAQ#4795 on discord. product of Afterquest and Freeport.

Token: 20 Mħ
BP: 5 Mħ

gundam ZGMF



No attributes :-(

reproduction of Gundam ZGMF hybride ship 2 fly mod: horizontal or vertical

Token: 2 Mħ
BP: 500 Kħ
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