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Fuel & Warp Cell Space Module


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A fully set up fuel and warp cells space module.
72 cells per day without any talent, Kergon, Nitron and Xeron fuels
Custom LUA to manage and monitor production

Uses two main hub with each 10x containers L:
Ore & schematics hub: Input hub for all schematics and ores except pyrite
Fuel / Pyrite / Catalyst3: Output hub for fuel and cells. Also used as input for pyrite and catalyst (optional and only used to speed up initialization)

To start production, go down to bottom level and run each board (7) until screens go green.
Those will set up each machine by selecting recipes and start them with correct maintain values.

Special thanks to Captain Ardan and RyanPryde for their voxel kits and Jericho and SilverZero for LUA resources

Created 1 year ago
Updated 6 months ago

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