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We are proud to introduce the BIGFOOT S-Core Heavy Cargo. This is a sleek and very capable hauler and was designed with easy flying and lots of cargo in mind. BIGFOOT will carry up to 5KT off 1G planets within its 7 containers L, all with a smile and look good doing it.

With a fully detailed interior you can relax after a hard days mining. For solo players or small groups this is an ideal hauler.

The cargo bars on the side can be used to add 4 extra containers L for those who love hoarding ore! There is even a landing pad on the roof for your XS core docking needs.
Separate XS and S containers for your scraps, spare parts and scan results. Comes with Warp drive.

For optimization purpose, elements have been selected based on maxed talents. This means ship will get better as your piloting talents go up, and reach full potential at higher levels. All engines are military T2. Your piloting talents will determine max cargo capacity. Hard limit for 1g is around 5kt net cargo (and much more on lower g environments), but be warned this has been achieved only with close to every maxed talents. So depending on your skills, 3-4kt cargo might be much easier and safer.

All elements are visible and can be accessed from outside or engineering room for repair and/or linking (no obstructed atmo brakes!). Front engines are slightly obstructed (0-25%), this has been taken into account when designing ship (we basically added one extra engine).

See details on Aerogics profile: delivery, element boosts, warranty, etc.
Can be viewed in VR : Aerogics Showroom

*** Updates ***
june 21: replaced more furnitures with voxels, added vertical space engines for landing in low g, lowered price, added an extra L container (2 M)
march 21: replaced some furnitures with voxel versions, fixed some hovers (some were slightly obstructed), new price, handling talents update


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10 months ago


Love the Bigfoot, handles like a dream and great service from these guys recommended AAA+

1 year ago


Got one of these and have done a lot of trips, Aloith - Thades. Ship flys very well and I am enjoying flying this ship. I am finding getting into Aloith a lot easier.

1 year ago


My new favourite ship! Such a great looking s-core. Really clean voxel work and they've paid as much attention to the interior as the exterior. The use of space is so well thought out. It flies beautifully, can't fault it at all. Sellers both really friendly and helpful, will definitely look at their other ships in future.

1 year ago


i bought this a few days ago... a very good ship...easy to fly...hard to fill :-)
i talked to Krengus... he explained a lot and was very friendly. and the service is good as well.

1 year ago


Un des meilleurs vaisseaux de sa catégorie qui va vous permettre pour un prix très raisonnable de réaliser des transports à 5 000 tonnes voire un peu plus si vous êtes téméraires.

Deux contacts très disponibles ; un francophone et un anglophone courtois tous les deux. J’ai pu avoir une visite détaillée du vaisseau qui m’a été livré sur ALioth.

Un très bon investissement pour les mineurs ou les transporteurs qui va vous ravir pour de nombreux mois.


One of the best vessels in its category that will allow you for a very reasonable price to carry 5,000 tons or even a little more if you are reckless.

Two very available contacts; a French speaker and a courteous English speaker both. I was able to get a detailed tour of the ship that was delivered to me on ALioth.

A very good investment for miners or carriers that will delight you for many months to come.

1 year ago


l'm late in posting my review of this ship purchase (damn Valheim!) But I have to say it exceeded my expections by a mile! Flies like a dream and tracks perfectly. Easily handles full loads and has brakes for days. Very impressed by the ship guys...this was just what I was looking for!

1 year ago | Edited 1 year ago


After further testing, ship is actually even better than we thought, with a new max cargo capacity achieved of 5kt!
Test being leaving alioth atmo and going in space (20-30km atl), then entering back and landing - thanks Merihim for the tests.
This requires having most talents maxed.

Yeah 5000 tons on a S core.

Bigfoot: Simply The Best =D

1 year ago | Edited 1 year ago


bought the Bigfoot today and i am impressed.
It flys really good, brutal power for a s-core.
- Every element is placed in a way so you can easily reach it (for repairing purposes or else)
- the interieur is very cozy - a fantastic little mobile home :)
- the round shapes are absolutly flawless. Especially impressive on the dark matt plastic.
- neat little gimmics like extra small containers for everyday stuff like scrap or something
- the power values are very good balanced.

This ship with the zeta hauler seems to be an outstanding combination for solo-players and little groups.
With good piloting talents and the reduced container mass, this ship is able to lift off easily over 1 ML of hematite on 1g environments.

1 year ago

Revo Ship Design

damn this thing looks so sexy

Aerogics S & T Co
VR: Aerogics Showroom


Dry Weight:

812.8 t

Cargo Space:

1,344 kL


Cargo Lift:

5,000 t

Max Speed:

1,864 km/h

Atmo Hover:

65.8 MN

Sustentation Speed:

202 km/h

Atmo Thrust:

61.6 MN

Atmo Brake:

272 MN

Wing Lift:

68 MN

Atmo Fuel:

28.8 kL


Space Thrust:

52.3 MN

Space Brake:

155 MN

Space Hover:

37.32 MN

Space Fuel:

28.8 kL

  • Core
    • S

  • Env
    • Atmosphere
    • Space

  • Sold As
    • Token
    • Blueprint

  • Role
    • Hauler
    • Carrier

  • Features
    • Interior
    • Radar
    • Warp