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Arcadia Albator Warforged (Multicore)


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The arcadia albator warforged multicore ship (Blue print release Estimated)

Video :

In the 2013 CGI film adaptation, Arcadia is given its most drastic redesign yet. While superficially from a distance it still closely resembles the classic shape of the older designs, the retro World War II battleship-inspired characteristics of Leiji Matsumoto have been abandoned almost altogether for something quite dominating and alien. It is far larger at double the size and mass, and much more ridiculously defined and grossly detailed, to the point that the skull-and-crossbones feature a lower jaw, hollow eye sockets, and a spinal vertebrae-like structure extending from it across the middle of the forecastle. Ominous red lighting emits from the underside layers and various holes and vents of the ship, including the eye sockets. Instead of three turrets, there are three rings encircling the hull of the vessel mounted with four cannon turrets each, capable of moving along the circumference to cover up any blind spots. There are three "masts", the last of which a Jolly Roger flag is usually flown from. In the place of wings, there are four bony harpoon-like protrusions that point forwards, with the top two being longer and skinnier than the bottom two. More protrusions jut out towards the stern of the ship, with two culminating in hook shapes, and one resembling a short bony tail. The middle of the ship is seemingly built around a large spherical mass. The vessel has an overall rocky or bony texture across the whole body, with some parts looking as if they were warped or fused onto the ship. Perhaps most interestingly of all, this depiction manages to still retain a semblance of the original bridge and superstructure, even the shape of the wood-like galleon stern remains intact. It is now powered with dark matter engines that are hexagonal in shape.

The ship is in work in progress

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