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--DU creators website is very bad i got hacked do not trust it--
All likes removed from my ships
Introducing the Luminaris and Luminaris Pro upgraded version: The personal transport of the future.

This XS core, ultra light orbiter was sculpted entirely using the VPT for maximum style. Designed with fuel economy and basic parts in mind, I set out to make a sleek, easy to acquire ship that everyone can enjoy post wipe.

The Luminaris has 1 Medium and 2 Small Atmospheric engines with 4 Small Space engines and has a top speed of 49,000km/h+ in space. Feel the thrill as you drift around celestial bodies and stop on a dime when you reach the end of your intrepid journey.
The ship wasn’t built for hauling although 6 Basic XS Containers on a hub are provided for light shopping and carrying around your data items, spare fuel and scrap.

I hope you have as much fun flying the Luminaris as I had building the ship. Achieving the tiny form factor without compromising on the elements needed to retain its performance was, in some ways, more of a challenge than on the M core Stiletto I built.

The Luminaris comes with Arch HUD by default (made by Archaegeo). On top of that I have chosen to use the Container Monitor open source LUA by Krengus of ASTCO as this is a helpful script for checking weight, fuel and inventory at a glance.

Special thanks to IGOR, the original creator of the Luminaris model found here:
Additional thanks to all my friends at Kosmos, AST CO for the LUA, Archaegeo for the flight HUD and RyanPryde for moral support! I’m truly grateful for all of your support and kind words.

Enjoy the Luminaris for me!

Tokens are available!
Basic version 2 million quanta
Pro version 3 million quanta

// For any information or Token request contact me on discord Captain Harlock#8115 - FinalX#2672 or RyanPryde#8917 - Midacre#3312 //

The basic and Pro version Blueprints will be sold separately
All the Buyers of the basic version the can get a Pro version Blueprint for the half price
All the elements are buffed with LvL 5 talents!

New 1.4.16_x version updates to lua to work with current version
Arch hud updated
All versions

VR: Kosmos Public DSAT Showroom
Dispensers :
Alioth Exchange Green hall 7
Alioth Kosmos HQ Location ::pos{0,2,2.8943,105.4507,53.0078}

Created 1 year ago
Updated 2 months ago

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1 year ago


This is soo sleek and nice! I Bought the pro version and so powerfull!

1 year ago


She looks good. :-)

1 year ago


Can she carry overweight persons with a belly that resembles a big moon?

Captain Harlock
Captain Harlock#8115
Captain Harlock
Alioth - ::pos{0,2,2.8943,105.4507,53.0078}


Dry Weight:

27.42 t

Cargo Space:

9 kL


Max Speed:

976 km/h

Atmo Hover:

0.922 MN

Sustentation Speed:

247 km/h

Atmo Thrust:

0.922 MN

Atmo Brake:

6.72 MN

Wing Lift:

1.89 MN

Atmo Fuel:

0.8 kL


Space Thrust:

0.663 MN

Space Brake:

2.69 MN

Space Hover:

0.346 MN

Space Fuel:

0.8 kL

  • Core
    • XS

  • Env
    • Atmosphere
    • Space

  • Sold As
    • Blueprint

  • Role
    • Courier
    • Racer

  • Features
    • Radar