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Welcome to the Dark Forges Scrapyard.


The idea of the Scrapyard is that new players can come and buy elemets that you had on your constructs that's totally destroyed and do not have the quanta to buy/make a new one.
Or for the old experienced player that are building new stuff and need to test and experiment with maby a new heat shield etc, so instead of buying/making new stuff, you can save some of your hard earned quanta by paying us a visit.

The DAFO think with this idea you bring more to the game, yes you can dismantle an element. But you never know what you will get out of it due to the random component you get. And so to sell the element or even a ship, you can get more out of it.
Because face it, you will have more of use of an UNC.atmo L engine, even if you just can repair it 1-2 times more, than one UNC.reinforced frame in your pocket.

And yes. We even sell ships at the Scrapyard. We sell them either repaird, with elements that do not have full repairtimes on them, or unrepaird so you can get it cheaper and need to repair it your self.

We even buy elements that's broken, the repairtimes are what determines the price of the element/ship that we are looking at to buy.

So if you are a scavanger come by and show us what you have. If you are a new or old player looking to save some quanta come on by and check whats in stock.

For the best updated prices, head on over to DAFO discord, and check out the Scrapyard chanel.

The items at the Scrapyard change all the time. So you will need to check out the discord, or visit to see whats in stock!!

Created 7 months ago
Updated 7 months ago

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4 months ago


This is NOT a place to list crap like this! Not a terrible idea, depending on prices. But it does not belong here!

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