De Overheid

DU Grotesk


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DU Grotesk is my first, completed font for Dual Universe. Large, rectangular but rounded letters with just the right Sci-Fi look and feel to them while maintaining readability.

It comes in two variants, one straight and one slanted edged version, you can use both together if you prefer some characters

It has reactor markers to quickly select a letter to copy and paste into words and has 4 versions per variant: The reactor where you can see how it is built in one quarter voxel deep. A full voxel deep floating one, a full voxel deep embedded into the wall and my personal favorite, a 2 quarters thick floating variant with luminescent background, makes for good readability at night and looks very nice.

It also has a full Uppercase and lowercase set and is included with minimal interpunction characters. Let me know if you want something specific. Uppercase is 8 high and 5 wide, lowercase is 5 high and 3.5 wide.

The blueprint is almost for free, the materials included in the token are at ore prices, I rather want more people to use it than make a profit. I'd appreciate a note to a VR location where I can see it used and the only thing I do not want is you selling copies for profit, the rest is all yours to create something with.

VR - Overheid's Shoppe - SVEA
Location - ::pos{0,2,49.6888,160.3544,52.2589}

Created 1 year ago
Updated 1 year ago

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1 year ago


Got it, great font, Ty

1 year ago

De Overheid

The dispenser is now unlocked and working, sorry for the trouble of visiting. Let me know in game and I'll bring you a copy.

1 year ago


Came yesterday and found the dispenser locked.

De Overheid
De Overheid#8926
De Overheid
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