Eclipse MK3E


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The Eclipse MK3E is a newly overhauled edition of a classic Asteroid Hunter.

Designed for long endurance expeditions in space, it features 3.2 million litres of storage to enable the intrepid miner to haul back a dragon's cache of mineral riches. Three mighty Advanced Safe Space XL engines will get you there and back again while the fuel economy enables long flights far away from any facilities.

Specifications are based on LVL5 pilot talents with a full fuel load in a 1G environment (as on a space station), and so represent maximum capabilities. Your performance may be less than stated depending on personal piloting talents. Token and blueprint have level 5 placement boosts.

Maximum Cargo Mass: 8,500 Tons
Space Engines: 3 Advanced Safe Space Engine XL
Maneuvering Engines: 2 Advanced Safe Space Engine M
Space Thrust: 8.64 G
Space Brakes: 18.6 G
Space Low Altitude Lift: 8.85 G (16 Uncommon Military Vertical Booster M)
Storage Volume: 3,200 kL (10 Advanced Optimized Container L)
Shield: Rare Active Shield Generator L.
Armaments: 4 medium weapon hardpoints

Weapons and gunner seats are not included in the blueprint but Hadron Organization can outfit a token with the customer's choice of weapons and shield options.

The DSAT accessible from the pilot seat and the shield generator is controlled from a touch screen. Touch screen also control accent lights and signs colors.

Visit "Hadron Alioth Space Station" in VR to see it.

Created 2 years ago
Updated 6 months ago

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2 years ago


Very very clean voxel work. One of the best ships I've bought. I'll get the space version too. Thank you for this ship!

2 years ago


Airbrakes updated for coming changes, all are now exposed to the outside.
Write me for free updates on your ships!

2 years ago


added Text: AGG S and 14+L Container possible when removing DSAT and Shield (12L Containers with Shield L)

2 years ago


The images don't do this ship justice. Simple and clean voxel work. Will be adding this to the stable for sure.

2 years ago | Edited 2 years ago


Looks amazing, The LUA wow i need that in my life. Looks slick and professional

2 years ago | Edited 2 years ago


This one i like!
Incredible work, this is IC level ship!
The details inside <3
Looks super cool!

ryanpryde, midacre, mcxerxes, gamboraptor
RyanPryde, Midacre, McXerxes, Gamboraptor
VR: Hadron HQ Alioth ::pos{0,2,-21.8124,122.4975,185.7581}


Dry Weight:

1,150 t

Cargo Space:

3,200 kL


Space Thrust:

117 MN

Space Brake:

251 MN

Space Hover:

119.44 MN

Space Fuel:

76.8 kL

  • Core
    • M

  • Env
    • Space

  • Sold As
    • Token
    • Blueprint

  • Role
    • Hauler
    • Courier

  • Features
    • Interior
    • Radar
    • Warp
    • Shield
    • DSAT