Exended Circle Set


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All uneven radii from 65 voxels to L Core maximum 255 voxels

255 is max whats fit in m Core and also max if you need 1 circle in on 1 L core.
If you need Larger Radii , don`t hesitate to ask for it

Created 1 year ago
Updated 5 months ago

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4 months ago


It's too expensive. But I would give so much for ovals, they are really complicated, if there are plans with ovals, I’ll come visit.

11 months ago


m5n303 or sethoiz before you / yourselves with the sweeping of strangers house doors occupy I would suggest you first of all with the own doing and acting to occupy. Often lies in their own actions the reason for your fellow men on the slip feel, and react exactly to it. As it resounds into the forest so it resounds out again.
You are free to express your opinion and criticism, however, it does not really make sense here. Your comment reflects lower motives again or these are as it seems to me emotionally charged. The emotions may seem important to you at the moment, but they seem ridiculous when you let them go through your head again at a later time. We are all here to enjoy our free time and have no interest to deal with such thoughts and hate. No one is forcing you to buy/copy etc here with us. If it bothers you please find someone else.
PS: There is more to growing up than just being loud.

11 months ago


11 mil for this junk? hadron prices are only matched by their arrogance. there are much better sets for much cheaper. i saw same set for like 500k only somewhere. go look elsewhere and ask ingame chat. dont waste your money on those greedy jokers

ryanpryde, midacre, mcxerxes, gamboraptor
RyanPryde, Midacre, McXerxes, Gamboraptor
VR: Hadron HQ Alioth ::pos{0,2,-21.8124,122.4975,185.7581}
  • Core
    • ✓ M

  • Type
    • ✓ Dynamic

  • Role
    • ✓ Library