HAG Pyro 2


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HAG Pyro is THE best pocket ship in game
Built for Speed,Usability and Speed.
Fully compactable
>2000 kmh Max Speed
using 1x Advanced Military S Atmo and 1x XS Atmo

BP Dispenser in Alioth Marina: ::pos{0,2,38.3028,62.7694,34.7477}
This ship is the best thing you can get as a compact-able all purpose ship.
Enough acceleration to fly with "burn speed".. Speed Limiter saves you from real damage. Can VTOL and be used as a rescue ship in Atmo., has full auto level which saved my ship quite a lot of times already after small market like collisions;-)

- VTOL & mobile work platform - change to VTOL orientation leave the seat mid air, the construct stops and hold position. Use all your tools to capture/repair/rescue ships at high alt.
- Full Auto level on pitch&roll
-Speed Limiter function to save you from burning too often (can be disabled via Hotkey)
-Underwater Mode to "fly" like a submarine in the sea
-Hover Pilot seat , and one additional passenger seat
and more.....

Some Tips for using the Pyro:
- if you plan to get out of your seat in VTOL orientation, make sure that the ECU is armed and you entered the seat from e.g. the front hover engine ( need to be in a straight line in front of the pilot seat! ) This assures that when you exit the seat in vtol position, you land on the force field.
- you can temp. disable the autolevel by holding left shift key whilst flying. as long as you hold shift, the autolevel is suppressed. This helps in doing some quick maneuvers.
- you can enter your home coordinates in the LUA parameters. when piloting you can then press Shift+Alt*2 to set your homebase as the target destination quickly.
Update 2021.01.03 now all my ships have one more great function. Auto Altitude.. Just fly to the required alt and hit alt+2 to enable altitude hold. use alt3/Shift Alt 3 to increase/decrease target altitude by 100m. If you bought a Pyro from me, and want a free update, contact me on discord.

Update 2021.01.29 there is now a Blueprint dispenser at my showroom for the Pyro 1R1P
(still i recommend to buy a token, as you can have a test flight with full introduction and explanation of all the features then)


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5 months ago


I was a huge Rebellion fan in beta, and this has the same HUD. I'll be using the Pyro for atmo rescue and repair on Alioth, Haven, and Sanctuary, with Eyes & Ears Search and Rescue. Seems perfect for the job!

5 months ago


Well with the fresh start I just had to get another one. I am using it to get up and down to my anti grav ship. Be aware the acceleration of this ship is insane so fellow speed freaks form an orderly queue at Hagbards.
It is worth getting one for the fun factor of streaking across the sky like a comet.

1 year ago


I love this speeder so much that I bought two.Hagbard is a great guy, very patient and took his time to demo it and show me the ropes. Also helped with other DU questions. Will continue to do business with him.

2 years ago


I have had this speeder for months. Its my go-to pocket speeder. Its also perfect for getting in and out of AGG ships, recovering crashed ships or even those static cores out of reach. Its extremely extremely fast.

2 years ago | Edited 2 years ago


An incredibly fun, flexible and fast pocket ship that is extremely easy to fly. All the LUA is written by Hagbard himself and is extremely lightweight. He also provided me with a detailed introduction on how to use everything this ship has to offer. Couldn't be more pleased, I have even bought two more for friends!

2 years ago


This is an exquisite piece of engineering. You won't find a more capable compactible speeder.

2 years ago


This thing is perfect! Only thing I would say is implement a more modular hud. I feel slightly disconnected from the speed targets and throttle settings within your hud design. This particular ship is godlike level of perfection though!!! :D :D

2 years ago


bought the 1R1P last week and couldn't be more thrilled every time I pull this beastie out. Going 60km is like going to get the mail so it makes market runs trivial. Hag also spent like 30 minutes showing me the ships capabilities and his custom lua...above and beyond!! Thanks again Hagbard!!



Max Speed:

2,050 km/h

  • Core
    • XS

  • Env
    • Atmosphere

  • Sold As
    • Token

  • Role
    • Courier
    • Racer
    • Pocket