Rebellion by Chewie and Hagbard

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=== Rebellion ===
"When a free ship actually performs better then most expensive ships out there, it might be a Rebellion... "
The Rebellion is a free (BP) ship created by Hagbard and Chewie_1
It can be build without having to invest a fortune and is an ideal ship for new and experienced pilots.

The ship technology and Lua was done by Hagbard with efficiency and performance in mind
The great High Quality Voxelwork was done by Chewie_1 using the 2d voxelplaner gifted to the community by jaylebreak.
It has space for an optional Shield S.
Free Boost to max placement skills if you visit Hagbard on Alioth.

- Atmo/Space/Warp capable
- 500-1000 tons of cargo depending on pilot and placement talents
- fast, light and designed to be as efficient and easy to fly as possible
- Features Hagbard's flight control script
- Free Boosts available. contact Hagbard

Update: Rebellion 1f (Oct 2nd 21)
==> New version with the new waypoint mgmt System. See bottom of page for instructions!

Important Note: The Lua on this ship was designed for Input Scheme Keyboard and any Mouse controlled input scheme is NOT supported!

==== Some features for the included HUD ====
- Full Autolevel in space and Atmo
-- In Space choose to autloevel based on nearest planet gravity or choose your own "reference" by pressing a key combination and keep the current leveling
-- when entering the pilot seat in space, the current orienation will automatically be used for autoleveling
- Altitude Hold/Orbit Hold
seamless transition from alt Hold to orbit Hold just by changing target Altitude
-- Fully Automatic re-entry from space to atmo
- Adaptive engine thrust. By default fly with ultra fuel efficient Maneuver engine and hovers. When needed (or manually activated), additional military engine and vertical boosters will be activated automatically
- Collision avoidance
-- when in AltHold and ground is detected, target Alt will be adjusted automatically
-- when falling towards ground and descend speed is too high in the last 100m, brakes and vertical boosters will be used automatically to slow down descend speed
- Can be "flown" underwater.
- Speed Limiter saves you from heat damage automatically
- can be flown by using A/D,W/S and throttle controls only. The ship will control the roll axis (Q/E keys) automatically to avoid sideways drift and allow smooth cornering
- Non obtrusive HUD avoids visual on screen clutter
-- optionally press Shift Alt 4 to display all HUD Widgets when needed
- Vertical Boosters present but will not consume any space fuel in low load situations, Boosters will be activated automatically when high descend speeds are detected near ground
- Display of brake distance to make your space travel easier

The rebellion was build to make it upgradeable.
- The 4 main engines can be exchanged with higher tier variants easily. Just make sure that those engines which should be "off" by default get an engine tag "2nd"
- The rebellion has space reserved for a shield generator s

== Waypoint Mgmt System ( since 1f) ==
The Rebellion 1f has >180 built in waypoints included in the LUA.
Press Alt & Cursor Up/Down to access the Waypoint selection
The wapoints are organised in groups. Skrip to the next group using Alt & CursorLeft to go one group forward or Shift additionally for backwards.

== Using custom your own Waypoints ==
you can create a small Lua file on your PC to define your own wapyoints in the HUD.
The file has to be placed in <Dual Universe Install Dir>\game\data\lua\
Filename has to be poilist.lua

Here is the a sample file content:
-=-=-=-= cut here =-=-=-=-
local poilist = { version = "Poilist 1" }
function poilist.loadLocations()
p = {{}}
p[1] = {"Hagbard","Showroom", "::pos{0,2,37.9534,63.5323,7.9565}"}
p[#p+1] = {"Other","Chewie Base", "::pos{0,2,9.4456,45.4257,108.8897}"}
p[#p+1] = {"Other","Yobbous Base(must see)", "::pos{0,2,39.3317,21.6829,87.5876}"}
p[#p+1] = {"Other","Hedronic Library Teoma", "::pos{0,8,1.5059,133.7962,99.1187}"}
return p
return poilist
-=-=-=-= cut here =-=-=-=-
Use that as a template to create your own POI list. Fell free to add more POIs as needed.
The parameter Order is "group","Name","POSstring"
The display name in the UI will be Group-Name


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2 days ago


amazing ship pretty much auto pilot (just gotta land yourself) i just line mysellf up with my destination then set my elevation 7k fly nearly there then just set my elevation to 3K then land my self super easy to enter and exet space for beginners realy speeds up traval time being able to go into space without risking dieing cuz im bad at flying in space/ plenty of carry capacity for basic market runs and can mkae inner planetary travel a braes for meeting up with friends on other planets

7 days ago


had trouble accessing dispenser more than likley my internet. as soon as i contacted hagbard he was over in seconds to barter me one so i could get it. awesome ship worth checking out

10 days ago


De toute façon j'adore ce que fait Chewie depuis le début et le Rébellion est devenu mon vaisseau atmo principal (j'en ai quatre). Et oui j'en ai modifié pour n'être que atmosphérique ^^
Voilà, j'attends l'ENTE4 maintenant.
Bravo pour votre travail à tous les deux.

12 days ago


This ship is incredible from both the voxel design, and the software running it. So much thought and effort went into this ship! I made a video review of it, which you can find here:


13 days ago


Okay, da habe ich wohl etwas falsch interpretiert. Danke für die schnelle Antwort und den Hinweis auf dein Discord Channel.
Okay, I guess I misinterpreted that. Thanks for the quick answer and the reference to your Discord channel.

13 days ago


The Ship does not have an Autopilot, just various flight assistant Systems and a POI directory. If you have question, best come to my channel on the du-creators discord

13 days ago


Super Schiff. Tolle Flugeigenschaften. Allerdings erschließt sich mir als absoluter Anfänger die Funktionsweise des Autopiloten nicht. Wo kann man da etwas nachlesen ?
Super ship. Great flight characteristics. However, as an absolute beginner, the functioning of the autopilot does not oppose me. Where can you read something?

14 days ago


Beautiful ship! This is my go-to ship for everything I do in DU.

23 days ago | Edited 23 days ago


Bill Of Materials :

24 days ago


I think it's a very nice design. Flight characteristics are very good for a beginner with no skills. Nice ship. Very good work

25 days ago


Picked up the BP a couple of days ago found the parts and now have a great new ship. The Mule will be going into storage!

26 days ago


The legend continues to grow :)

26 days ago


the Rebellion is very nice

we have build it today with your free bp !
ty for this nice build
the shape is amazing

good job!

hope to see the ente 04 now

27 days ago


Impressive! Idiotproofed script! and the asthetics are stunning too! 11/10 would again

27 days ago


very nice work lads.

27 days ago


What more do you want for free? This thing is stunning to look at, easy to park and the LUA makes flying idiot proof. Absolute must have for any fleet and I've only been flying it a few hours. I can see myself heading out in this ship without scrap and not worrying a bit about my skills as a pilot. Just so easy to use and responsive to your inputs.

27 days ago


This is a great little ship. The auto roll on turns is amazing! The looks are really great and Chewie did an awesome job with the voxelmancy here.
Hagbard's flight LUA is packed with capability and would be great for new fliers. For manual fliers, all of the automatic features take a bit getting used to when coming from mostly manual flying with Dimencia or ArchHud but it's still fun to fly. I haven't loaded it up to test that but it's going to be a fun ship to market and small load mine with for sure!

27 days ago | Edited 27 days ago


Sehr schönes Schiff, sehr gute Flugeigenschaften und leicht zu bedienen mit dem Flugscript. Mit Advanced Maneuver Engines (als Upgrade) ist es schnell, wendig, stark und sparsam! Ausgezeichnet!

28 days ago


This right here is now the best starter ship for a new player. Top-tier voxel work, awesome Lua features, excellent engineering - what more could you want? Oh, that you could get it for free? Well there you go.

28 days ago


The more I fly this ship, the more I love it. The LUA is fantastic. Altitude hold, auto leveling, orbit hold, underwater flight, braking assistant to prevent crashes, and parking. Looks great, low cost to deploy, easy to add to or upgrade elements.

28 days ago


This is great, has brake distance indicator for long trips, heat damage speed limiter, automatic descent control, and mainly the fact that it auto-avoids collisions like space elevators. So convenient!

1 month ago


Fantastic work by Chewie and Hagbard to create a ship with great looks and impeccable flight character.
Hagbard has done it once again with this superb flight LUA, giving both new pilots and veterans an easy and clean flight control scheme.
Chewies talents are shown in excellent form, with the flowing muscular shape and attention to detail of an instantly classic hull.

1 month ago


I first saw this ship and had a lift on it (I was hanging on one of the containers) when it was just a test bed of components. The finished item looks great I was imagining it was going to be a bit boxy like most starter ships but this looks sleek.
Hagbards lua is great with the handy collision avoidance system, looks funny when you are flying level on altitude hold and suddenly go up and over objects.

1 month ago


The ship is very nice in terms of design.
The way to drive it is too.
To have absolutely.
Awesome work thanks a lot

1 month ago


Awesome ship for small quantas thx for the good work :o)



Dry Weight:

208 t

Cargo Space:

144 kL


Cargo Lift:

500 t

Max Speed:

1,445 km/h

Atmo Hover:

22 MN

Sustentation Speed:

217 km/h

Atmo Thrust:

9.5 MN

Atmo Brake:

89.6 MN

Wing Lift:

16.2 MN

Atmo Fuel:

6,400 kL


Space Thrust:

13 MN

Space Brake:

29.6 MN

Space Hover:

11.66 MN

Space Fuel:

6,400 kL

  • Core
    • S

  • Env
    • Atmosphere
    • Space

  • Sold As
    • Blueprint

  • Role
    • Hauler
    • Courier
    • Racer

  • Features
    • Interior
    • Radar
    • Warp