The Escobar / Speedboat by Hagbard & Singularity


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Do you live near water? You need this!
The Escobar is a new Version of the Speedboat with a great hull designed by Singularity. (thx for that!)

**LIMITED OFFER** For the first weeks after Release the BP is only 1.5m instead of the previous 5m.
Dispenser is at the Alioth Marina near M17 ::pos{0,2,38.3028,62.7694,34.7477}

Test Ride Video: https://youtu.be/JvYPuHn7mYY
It has the latest Version of my LUA Code for Speedboats which was optimized to re-create that real "boat feeling" in DU.
- Feel the waves!
When riding this boat you can "feel" the ship being moved by the waves. Get faster and crash through the waves.
- Get out of the seat on the water without the ship "sinking". the ECU will keep the ship afloat.
- up to 730kmh (depending on pilot and placement skills)
- almost no fuel consumption. the used Hover Engine Tech assures that you will almost never have to refuel it. At full speed, the used xs fuel tank lasts for 2-3 days

This is a boat, so except using the hover engine to hop on your dry dock for some cleaning etc., it is not capable of flying over ground surface.

You can hover from a platform to the water surface by using "space" and some thrust. i recommend to first cut throttle and hold brake key until the boat stabilizes ( stops going up/down). then accelerate and have fun.

Trim Feature:
if you want to go max speed, you can "trim" the boat. Just hold the left shift key whilst flying to take the bow of the boat down a bit and get max speed

**Blueprint Instructions:**
There is one manual step required after setting the BP.
- Go to build mode and right click the backward facing hover engine.
- under Advanced=>"disable thrust along gravity" has to be selected for both hover engines

if you want to have the original light colors, set back left to "255,0,0" and back right to "0,255,0"
front light: enable blinking and set on duration to 0.1

Tokens will be made available again soon(TM)


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1 year ago


Very nice! I like it and he changed the color to my favorite color. Its fun to cruise the waves.

1 year ago


Wow!! You cannot talk about The Escobar Speedboat without first talking about the fun factor. Being on an XS core the maneuverability/speed/range capabilities of the vessel are phenomenal. The speeds the vessel can reach will surely bring a smile to your face so be prepared to hammah down and hold on. While sitting at the helm you will feel as if you are at the wheel of a formula 1 race car zooming past land features as you skip along the waves. Highly recommend for those adrenaline seeking individuals!! Get on the water today, get a hold of Hagbard.

1 year ago


OMG WOW is all I have to say... this is the most fun I have had in this game in a while pure fun no function I LOVE IT AND will buy again !!! Thanks Hagbard and friends!!!

2 years ago


The "boat feeling" of this is really well done! Bouncing off the chop brought back memories of fishing in the Galveston bay. Also recommended for fans of Wave Race 64 and sailing in Valheim.

It really is great for cruising around the lakes of Alioth and exploring. The relative safety of being on water and the near unlimited fuel make it worry-free. If you need to step away for some emergency just cut throttle and glide to a safe bob in place.

The voxelwork is immaculate and the look is iconic. If your base is near water, you owe it to yourself to get one of Hagbard's boats. If not, it's time to buy a lakefront tile!

2 years ago


that boat is a blast - love it! the perfect thing to have some fun on the lake :D

2 years ago


looks great and your boats are alot of fun :)



Max Speed:

730 km/h

  • Core
    • XS

  • Env
    • Atmosphere

  • Sold As
    • Blueprint

  • Role
    • Racer
    • Pocket